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All prices quoted are for unpainted castings. Postage is extra. Details of postage charges will be presented upon checkout.

There is a 3% surcharge on paypal orders, and a 25p charge on debit card orders under £15.

Painting Service

If you would like painted figures, we have a painting service for 54, 42, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 6mm figures. To find the prices, click on the relevant scale.

All figures cast in white metal.

2mm & 6mm figures in ready based strips

10mm-75mm figures priced & sold individually.

As our figures are sold separately, and there is no minimum order you only have to spend a pound or two to see what our models are like. For this reason we don't send out free samples.


  • new!

    ID: SAA13

    Saluting figure in greatcoat

  • updated

    ID: BT21-A

    Sand - 100ml Jar

  • new!

    ID: SAA12

    Guardsman at attention

top seller
ID: FZ69   £0.30

Askari/Sudanese Infantry at the ready

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ID: SBWR1   £0.30

Infantry advancing

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ID: TCA4   £0.20

Carthaginian Medium spearman with long shield

top seller
ID: IK1   £0.30

Infantry section