Punic Wars

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TCA 9 Spanish cav,TCA 3 Carthaginian elephant & TCA 20 Roman commander


Carthaginian Noble cavalry


Carthaginian heavy spearman


Carthaginian elephant with howdah, driver and two crew

TCA4 Carthaginian Medium spearman with long shield
TCA5 Carthaginian Officer
TCA6 Carthaginian Standard Bearer

TCA 5 & 6 Carthaginian mounted command

TCA 11, 10, 15 & 19 Spanish infantry and light cav, Italian infantry and cav

TCA7 Carthaginian cavalry officer
TCA8 Carthaginian cavalry standard bearer
TCA9 Spanish medium cavalry
TCA10 Spanish light cavalry
TCA11 Spanish Infantry
TCA12 Republican Roman Hastati or Principes
TCA13 Republican Roman Triarii or Marian legionary
TCA14 Republican Roman Velite
TCA15 Italian infantry
TCA16 Roman or Italian infantry officer
TCA17 Roman or Italian standard bearer
TCA18 Roman heavy cavalry
TCA19 Italian cavalry
TCA20 Roman or Italian mounted commander
TCA21 Greek hoplite
TCA22 Greek peltast
TCA23 Greek officer
TCA24 Greek standard bearer
TCA25 Roman Hastati or Principes with sword, in mail armour
TCA26 Spanish Caetrati light inf with javelin
For Greek cavalry use TCA 19 Italian Cavalry, for Greek light infantry use TC 15 light infantry archer kneeling firing and TC 16 light infantry javalinman running. For other useful types, see our TR Rome and enemies range.

Punic Wars Army Pack
100 piece army (any protagonist)  (Cavalry count as 2 pieces) (These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation)

Choose Nationality

TCA 2 & 4 Carthaginian spearmen,TCA 1 Carthaginian cavalry,TCA 12,13 & 14 Roman infantry

TCA 21-24 Greeks