Eastern Renaissance

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   For lots of other useful types see our medieval Arabs, e.g our TC4 makes a great Turkish spahi of the porte, and TC1,2 & 3 are good for any Renaissance Islamic cavalry.

TER 3,5,4 (2 variants) & 6


Armoured Mogul elephant with howdah & two crew


Unarmoured Mogul elephant with howdah & two crew

TER 3 Armoured Mogul/Turkish Eastern Spahi cav. with lance, bow & shield
TER 4 Arab/Turk/Mogul Matchlockman firing/loading
TER 5 Mogul rocket-man, throwing rocket
TER 6 Turkish Janissary with musket
TER 7 Indian cameleer with zambuk gun
TER 8 Polish winged hussar
TER 9 Polish pancerni heavy cavalry
TER 10 Polish/Muscovite infantry with musket and Berdiche axe
TER 11 Polish/Muscovite infantry halberdier
TER 12 Polish/Muscovite/Cossack pikeman/standard bearer
TER 13 Cossack infantry with musket and Berdiche axe
TER 14 Cossack infantry axeman
TER 15 Cossack light cavalry with assorted weapons
TER 16 Muscovite Boyar cavalry
For Muscovite heavy cavalry, use TC4,5 & 6 from our medieval Arab/Turk range. For Tartars use TC30-34 from our Medieval Mongols range. For European mercenaries/artillerists, use TECW1-25 from our ECW range.

Eastern Renaissance Army Pack

100 piece armies (packed to our own realistic and balanced composition)

Choose Nationality


TER 8, 9, 16, 10 & 14 Poles, cossacks and Muscovites