Samurai and Asians

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For Mongols and Chinese, see our Medieval range

TSAM 1,2 Mounted samurai TSAM 3,4 foot samurai TSAM 6,7 Ashigaru

TSAM 9 Standard bearer and  TSAM 1 & 2 Mounted Samurai.

TSAM 4, 3 & 5 Samurai.

TSAM 7 & 2 variants of TSAM 6 Ashigaru.


Mounted Samurai with Naginata


Mounted Samurai Firing Bow


Samurai with Sword


Samurai with Naginata


Samurai Firing Bow


Ashigaru with Naginata


Ashigaru Firing Bow


Ashigaru Firing Musket


Samurai Standard Bearer


Warrior Monk
TSAM11 Light Cannon with 2 Crew

TSAM 12 & 13

TSAM 14, 15, 17 & 18

TSAM12 Burmese elephant with driver & 6 crew
TSAM13 Burmese escort infantry with javelin
TSAM14 Burmese cavalry
TSAM15 Burmese cavalry standard bearer
TSAM16 Burmese spearman
TSAM17 Burmese archer
TSAM18 Burmese crossbowman
TSAM19 Burmese infantry officer
TSAM20 Khmer elephant with warrior in howdah. (To make a generals elephant, add a foot parasol bearer, TSAM 30)
TSAM21 Khmer "dragon" cavalry
TSAM22 Khmer long shield heavy infantry
TSAM23 Khmer round shield heavy infantry
TSAM24 Khmer maiden guard
TSAM25 Khmer irregular javelinman
TSAM26 Khmer irregular axeman
TSAM27 Khmer irregular archer
TSAM28 Khmer irregular crossbowman
TSAM29 Khmer foot officer
TSAM30 Khmer foot standard bearer/parasol bearer


  Khmer wheeled artillery, with 2 crew

Samurai & Asia Army Pack

100 piece  Armies (Cavalry count as 2 pieces) (These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation)

Choose Nationality

TSAM 20 & 21

TSAM 23, 24, 27, 28 & 25

Coming soon- Tibetans