World War 1

     Early Germans

TW 1, 2 & 3

TW 1

German Infantry Advancing


TW 2

German Infantry Officer

TW 3 German Jaeger infantry firing 20p
TW 4 German HMG & 2 crew 60p
TW 5 German Uhlan cavalry 40p
TW 6 German 7.7cm field gun & 4 crew 1.20
TW 7 German Landwehr marching 20p
TW8 German infantry marching 20p
TW9 German Jaeger attacking 20p
TW10 German Jaeger advancing 20p
TW11 German Jaeger kneeling firing 20p
TW12 German Jaeger HMG & 2 crew 60p
TW13 German infantry officer firing pistol 20p
TW14 German infantry officer marching with sword 20p
TW15 German officer in flat cap,advancing with pistol 20p
TW16 German staff officer standing 20p
TW17 German staff officer in greatcoat with map, pointing 20p
TW18 German staff officer in greatcoat,using binoculars 20p
TW19 German infantry standard bearer 20p
TW20 German mounted officer 40p
TW21 German infantryman helping wounded uhlan 40p
TW22 German dead or wounded infantryman, lying on back 20p
TW23 German dead or wounded infantryman, lying on front 20p




Painting and photos by Carkl Luxford

TWM 1 Lorry (with cover) 1.60
TWM 2 Four wheeled wagon,with 2 horses and driver 1.60
TWM 3 Group of ammo crates 40p
TWM 4 Group of artillery shells 20p


100 Piece Army

TW1-7 & TWM's designed by Ian Kay. TW8-23 designed by Steeve Cooper

40p nicely done diorama by Carlos Briz, featuring our German field guns, lorry, wagon and 2 wheeled cart from the 10mm Misc range.

Early Belgians

Sculpted by Steve Cooper

TWB1 Officer pointing 20p
TWB2 Officer marching 20p
TWB3 Infantry kneeling firing 20p


Infantry advancing firing from hip

TWB5 Infantry advancing 20p
TWB6 Infantry marching 20p
TWB7 Infantry casualty 20p
TWB8 HMG & 2 crew 60p
TWB9 Dog cart with MG, 2 dogs & 2 marching crew 1.00
TWB10 Field gun & 4 crew 1.20
TWB11 Howitzer & 4 crew 1.20
TWB12 Guide cavalry 40p
TWB13 Staff officer pointing 20p
TWB14 Staff officer looking through binoculars 20p
TWB15 Staff officer with coat 20p
TWB16 Staff officer holding binoculars 20p




For other Belgian cavalry, use our German Uhlan. More to follow



TWR1 Infantry firing or advancing (4 variants) 17/2/15 20p
TWR2 Infantry officer (3 variants) 17/2/15 20p
TWR3 Horse holder/standard bearer/engineer (2 variants) 17/2/15 20p
TWR4 Standing saddled horse 17/2/15 20p
TWR5 HG & 2 crew 17/2/15 60p
TWR6 Regular cavalry (3 variants) 17/2/15 40p
TWR7 Cossack cavalry (3 variants) 17/2/15 40p
TWR8 Field gun & 4 crew 17/2/15 1.20


Howitzer & 4 crew 17/2/15




100 piece army (choose any protagonist) Cav count as 2 pieces, gun & crew as 6 pieces, etc.