Franco Prussian war 1870

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All figures have several variants

2 variants of TFP 1 and 2 variants of TFF1

TFF 1 Infantry advancing
TFF 2 Infantry drummer advancing
TFF 3 Infantry standard bearer advancing
TFF 4 Infantry officer (suitable for all types)
TFF 5 Zouave firing
TFF 6 Zouave standard bearer standing


Guard infantry marching

TFF 8 Guard infantry standard bearer marching
TFF 9 12lb field gun & 4 crew
TFF10 24lb siege gun & 4 crew
TFF11 Mitraileuse machine gun & 4 crew
TFF12 2 horse limber with seated figure and outrider
TFF13 4 horse limber with seated figure and 2 outriders
TFF14 Lancer cavalry


Dragoon cavalry


All figures have up to 6 variants

TFP1 Infantry advancing
TFP2 Infantry drummer advancing
TFP3 Infantry standard bearer advancing
TFP4 Infantry officer advancing
TFP5 Jaeger firing
TFP6 Jaeger officer pointing
TFP7 Breech loading field gun & 4 crew

TFP8 15cm Siege gun & 5 crew

TFP9 2 horse limber with seated figure and outrider

TFP10 4 horse limber with seated figure and 2 outriders
TFP11 Mounted officer/general
TFP12 Bavarian infantry standing
TFP13 Bavarian infantry drummer standing
TFP14 Bavarian infantry standard bearer standing
TFP15 Bavarian infantry officer standing
TFP16 Bavarian gun & 4 crew
TFP17 Bavarian dragoon
TFP18 Bavarian cuirassier
TFP19 Prussian uhlan lancer
TFP20 Prussian cuirassier

Franco Prussian war 1870 Army Pack 

100 piece army (any protagonist)  (Cavalry count as 2 pieces) (These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation)

Choose Nationality

TFP 3, 2  4 assorted variants.

2 variants of TFP 5. TFP 6 and 12



TFP 10


100 piece armies 15