2 of the many musketeer variants, standard bearer, drummer, officer and sapper

3 of FREV 1, FREV 2, 3 & 4

FREV 1 Revolutionary musketeer marching 40p
FREV 2 Revolutionary standard bearer marching 40p
FREV 3 Revolutionary drummer marching 40p


Revolutionary officer

FREV 5 Revolutionary sapper 40p
FREV 6 Revolutionary grenadier marching 40p
FREV 7 Revolutionary grenadier standard bearer marching 40p
FREV 8 Revolutionary grenadier drummer marching 40p
FREV9 Revolutionary grenadier officer 40p

Just 9 of the many variants of FREV 10

FREV 12, 13 & 16

FREV10 Irish rebel pikeman (18 variants)! 40p
FREV11 Irish rebel musketeer 40p
FREV12 Irish rebel musician blowing conche shell 40p
FREV13 Irish rebel officer 40p
FREV14 Irish rebel cavalryman 80p
FREV15 Irish rebel gun & 4 crew 2.40
FREV16 Mounted priest 80p


Cavalry to follow, but for Hussars, use our SYW types, for Polish lancers, use our Napoleonic types, for British and hanoverians use our Napoleonic Maltese and AWI types. For Albanian types, use our Balkan wars Montenegrans.

For more Irish officers use our peasant range priest, and for other Irish rebel infantry use LA 19.


More to follow soon!

100 piece  Armies (These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation FRENCH, BRITISH, IRISH.