1859-1866 Austrians

Austrian infantry, painted by Dave Fielder.

AC1,2,4 & 5 Austrian infantry

         AC1 Austrian infantry advancing, at high porte 40p
         AC2 Austrian infantry advancing 40p
         AC3 Austrian jaeger  standing or kneeling firing 40p
         AC4 Austrian infantry standard bearer 40p
         AC5 Austrian infantry officer 40p

AC6 Austrian artillery (with only 3 of the 4 crew) & AC3 Austrian jaeger

         AC6 Austrian artillery & 4 crew 2.40
         AC7 Austrian dragoon cavalry 80p


Austrian lancer cavalry

For Austrian cuirassier cavalry, use NC48. For Austrian hussar cavalry use NC122
100 piece Austrian army 32.00


AC7 & 8 Austrian cavalry