Aztec and Inca

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FAZ 3-12

Some of the later Inca masters before they went on the mould.

Incas painted by Naser Rasool

FAZ1 Light infantry bowman
FAZ2 Light infantry slinger
FAZ3 Inca warrior standing with spear
FAZ4 Inca warrior advancing with spear, in quilted jacket
FAZ5 Inca warrior advancing with hand weapons
FAZ6 Chinchaysuya subject warrior advancing with spear
FAZ7 Chimor subject warrior advancing with mace
FAZ8 Inca warrior standard bearer/Manco's pikeman
FAZ9 Inca conche player
FAZ10 Inca officer/general
FAZ11 Inca dog handler with 2 dogs
FAZ12 Llama, pack llama and handler

More figure to follow soon ish!

Aztec and Inca Army Pack

100 Piece army (These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation)

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