RCW 10, painted, and converted to Cossack artillery (by putting hussar heads on them!) by Julian Hammond.

RCW 3 very nicely painted by Julian Hammond.

RCW1, 5, 2 variants of RCW3 and RCW8. Cavalry are also available on galloping horse.

RCW 1 Infantry advancing in helmet 40p
RCW2 Infantry advancing in cap 40p
RCW3 Caucasian rifleman (in assorted positions) 40p
RCW4 Infantry standard bearer 40p
RCW5 Infantry officer 40p
RCW6 Dragoon cavalry 80p
RCW7 Hussar cavalry 80p
RCW8 Lancer cavalry 80p
RCW9 Cossack cavalry 80p
RCW10 Gun & 4 crew 2.40


For Russian Greek voulenteers, use our Balkan wars Montenegrins


RCW 10

RCW 1, 2, 3 & 4. Great painting by Julian Hammond.

RCW 2, 1, 3 & 4, again by Julian Hammond.

RCW 8, by Julian Hammond.


BRCW 1-5, painted and photographed by John Watts.

BRCW2, 6, 11, 5 and 14. Cavalry are also available on galloping horse.

BRCW1 Infantry standing at the ready 40p
BRCW2 Infantry flank company standing at the ready 40p
BRCW3 Infantry drummer 40p
BRCW4 Infantry standard bearer 40p
BRCW5 Infantry officer 40p
BRCW6 Guardsman standing at the ready 40p
BRCW7 Guardsman flank company standing at the ready 40p
BRCW8 Guards drummer 40p
BRCW9 Guards standard bearer 40p
BRCW10 Guards officer 40p
BRCW11 Rifleman standing or kneeling 40p
BRCW12 Hussar cavalry 80p
BRCW13 Light Dragoon cavalry 80p
BRCW14 Lancer cavalry 80p
BRCW15 Scots-Grey cavalry 80p
BRCW16 Heavy Dragoon cavalry 80p
BRCW17 Foot artillery field gun & 4 crew 2.40
BRCW18 Foot artillery 32lb siege gun & 4 crew 3.20


Horse artillery field gun & 4 crew


BRCW 1, 2, 4 & 5, beautifully painted by Julian Hammond.

BRCW 6,7, 9 & 10, again by Julian Hammond.

For Highlanders and generals use our Napoleonic types, SBN 13-17

For Crimean Turks, use our Balkan wars Turks SBWT 1-11. Please specify Crimean period artillery for SBWT 9 &  10

Our British Crimeans can also be used for Regulation dress Indian Mutiny, China, Africa and New Zealand campaign British.


Crimean Armies

100 piece  Armies (These discounted armies are  pre-packed to our organisation)