HUP1, 3, 5, 6 & 7

HUP1 Hungarian infantry marching A
HUP2 Hungarian infantry marching, blanket roll A
HUP3 Hungarian infantry advancing A
HUP4 Hungarian infantry advancing, blanket roll A
HUP5 Hungarian drummer A
HUP6 Hungarian standard bearer A
HUP7 Hungarian officer A
HUP8 Austrian infantry marching A
HUP9 Austrian infantry advancing A
HUP10 Austrian drummer A
HUP11 Austrian standard bearer A
HUP12 Austrian officer A
HUP13 Hungarian grenadier NEW 9/5/17 A
HUP14 Hungarian jaeger NEW 9/5/17 A
HUP15 Austrian grenadier NEW 9/5/17 A
HUP16 Austrian jaeger NEW 9/5/17 A
HUP17 Hungarian artillery & 4 crew NEW 21/6/17 H
HUP18 Hungarian rocket & 2 crew NEW 21/6/17 E
HUP19 Austrian artillery & 4 crew NEW 21/6/17 H
HUP20 Austrian rocket & 2 crew NEW 21/6/17 E
HUP21 4 horse Hungarian/Austrian limber with 2 outriders NEW 21/6/17 L
HUP22 2 horse Hungarian/Austrian limber with 1 outrider NEW 21/6/17 I
HUP23 Hungarian Hussar cavalry NEW 21/6/17 B
HUP24 Hungarian Hussar cavalry trumpeter NEW 21/6/17 B
HUP25 Austrian Cuirassier cavalry NEW 21/6/17 B
HUP26 Austrian Cuirassier cavalry trumpeter NEW 21/6/17 B
HUP27 Hungarian staff officer on foot NEW 21/6/17 A
HUP28 Hungarian mounted officer/general NEW 21/6/17 B
HUP29 Austrian mounted officer NEW 21/6/17 B
HUP30 Austrian mounted general NEW 21/6/17 B


Comming soon-Poles!


HUP 8, 9,10,11 & 12

100 piece armies (Hungarian or Austrian) 25

More to follow soon!