A Hungarian uprising game in progress

HUP1, 3, 5, 6 & 7

HUP 17, 22, 14 & 2727

HUP1 Hungarian infantry marching 40p
HUP2 Hungarian infantry marching, blanket roll 40p
HUP3 Hungarian infantry advancing 40p
HUP4 Hungarian infantry advancing, blanket roll 40p
HUP5 Hungarian drummer 40p
HUP6 Hungarian standard bearer 40p
HUP7 Hungarian officer 40p
HUP8 Austrian infantry marching 40p
HUP9 Austrian infantry advancing 40p
HUP10 Austrian drummer 40p
HUP11 Austrian standard bearer 40p
HUP12 Austrian officer 40p
HUP13 Hungarian grenadier 40p
HUP14 Hungarian jaeger 40p
HUP15 Austrian grenadier 40p
HUP16 Austrian jaeger 40p

HUP 17

HUP 18

HUP 23, 24 & 28 with a Hungarian inf base.

HUP 23 Hungarian Hussar cavalry

HUP 23 Hungarian Hussar cavalry

HUP17 Hungarian artillery & 4 crew 2.40
HUP18 Hungarian rocket & 2 crew 1.30
HUP19 Austrian artillery & 4 crew 2.40
HUP20 Austrian rocket & 2 crew 1.30
HUP21 4 horse Hungarian/Austrian limber with 2 outriders 4
HUP22 2 horse Hungarian/Austrian limber with 1 outrider 2.80
HUP23 Hungarian Hussar cavalry 80p
HUP24 Hungarian Hussar cavalry trumpeter 80p
HUP25 Austrian Cuirassier cavalry 80p
HUP26 Austrian Cuirassier cavalry trumpeter 80p
HUP27 Hungarian staff officer on foot 40p
HUP28 Hungarian mounted officer/general 80p
HUP29 Austrian mounted officer 80p
HUP30 Austrian mounted general 80p

HUP 31, HUP 35 in 2 possible uniforms and HUP 39

HUP31 Hungarian infantry advancing, in kepi NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP32 Hungarian infantry drummer advancing, in kepi NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP33 Hungarian infantry standart bearer advancing, in kepi NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP34 Hungarian infantry officer advancing, in kepi NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP35 Hungarian national guard infantry marching NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP36 Hungarian national guard infantry drummer marching NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP37 Hungarian national guard infantry standard bearer  marching NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP38 Hungarian national guard infantry officer marching NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP39 Polish infantry advancing NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP40 Polish infantry drummer advancing NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP41 Polish infantry standard bearer advancing NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP42 Polish infantry officer advancing NEW 3/10/17 40p
HUP43 Polish artillery, gun & 4 crew. NEW 3/10/17 2.40


For Polish lancer cavalry, see our Napoleonic range


HUP 8, 9,10,11 & 12

AC 8 (1866 Austrian lancers) and FRC 18 (Napoleonic Polish lancers) as Austrian Uhlans, ans a volley and Bayonet Austrian inf base.

100 piece armies (Hungarian or Austrian) 32.00

More to follow soon!

Various commanders from other ranges, which make good 1848-9 commanders.

AWS 26, 28, 30, 29, 33. NC 24, 31, 29, FZ 58 and SBN 17.

Useful types from other ranges.

Balkan wars Rumanian riflemen depicting Hungarian Jasz national gueard, and WW1 Austrian dragoons as Italian light cavalry.