American Civil War

NAC 1, 2 variants NAC 2, 2 variants

NAC 3, 2 variants NAC 5 & NAC 11

NAC 10 NAC 12

Confederates  Union

Figures have up to 4 minor variants in equipment etc.



NAC1 Infantry running with musket shouldered B
NAC2 Infantry advancing B
NAC3 Infantry standing firing B
NAC4 Infantry kneeling firing B
NAC5 Infantry loading B
NAC6 Infantry Officer B
NAC7 Infantry Standard Bearer B
NAC8 Infantry Drummer B
NAC9 Cavalry in boots holding sabre G
NAC10 Cavalry in trousers holding carbine G
NAC11 Infantry Bugler B
NAC12 Cavalry Guidon Bearer G
NAC13 Mounted Bugler G
NAC14 Mounted General G

A couple of really well painted Rebel units, by Julian Hammond.

NAU 3, 2 variants NAU 4 NAM 1

NAU 8 NAU 6 NAU 11

NAU 9 NAU 12

NAU1 Infantry running with musket shouldered B
NAU2 Infantry advancing B
NAU3 Infantry standing firing B
NAU4 Infantry kneeling firing B
NAU5 Infantry loading B
NAU6 Infantry Officer B
NAU7 Infantry Standard Bearer B
NAU8 Infantry Drummer B
NAU9 Cavalry in boots holding sabre G
NAU10 Cavalry in trousers holding carbine G
NAU11 Infantry Bugler B
NAU12 Cavalry Guidon Bearer/Rush's Lancer G
NAU13 Mounted Bugler G
NAU14 Mounted General G
NAM1 Zouave standing firing B
NAM2 Zouave standing loading B
NAM3 Casualty B
NAM4 Cannon and 4 crew N
NAM5 Limber with 4 horses, 2 outriders and 2 seated figures S
NAM6 Caisson (requires above limber) I
NAM7 2.5 inch section of snake fence B
NAM8 2.5 inch section of stone fence C
NAM9 Large timbered American house R
NAM10 Small timbered American house Q
NAM11 Zouave in turban,standing firing 16/09/08 B
NAM12 Zouave in turban,standing loading 16/09/08 B
  24 man pack 12.00
  8 man Cavalry Squadron 8.50
  100 man pack 48.00

                                    For early war types,use our Garibaldians.                                     

NAM 6 NAM4  (without crew)

NAM 5 (missing 2 of it's horses and 1 outrider. Lazy)!

The battle of Apollo street, featuring NAM 7,9 & 10,and showing

that you can paint union types as rebs, and vice versa.