American Civil War

NAC 1, 2 variants NAC 2, 2 variants

NAC 3, 2 variants NAC 5 & NAC 11

NAC 10 NAC 12

Confederates  Union

Figures have up to 4 minor variants in equipment etc.



NAC1 Infantry running with musket shouldered 60p
NAC2 Infantry advancing 60p
NAC3 Infantry standing firing 60p
NAC4 Infantry kneeling firing 60p
NAC5 Infantry loading 60p
NAC6 Infantry Officer 60p
NAC7 Infantry Standard Bearer 60p
NAC8 Infantry Drummer 60p
NAC9 Cavalry in boots holding sabre 1.20
NAC10 Cavalry in trousers holding carbine 1.20
NAC11 Infantry Bugler 60p
NAC12 Cavalry Guidon Bearer 1.20
NAC13 Mounted Bugler 1.20
NAC14 Mounted General 1.20

A couple of really well painted Rebel units, by Julian Hammond.

NAU 3, 2 variants NAU 4 NAM 1

NAU 8 NAU 6 NAU 11

NAU 9 NAU 12

NAU1 Infantry running with musket shouldered 60p
NAU2 Infantry advancing 60p
NAU3 Infantry standing firing 60p
NAU4 Infantry kneeling firing 60p
NAU5 Infantry loading 60p
NAU6 Infantry Officer 60p
NAU7 Infantry Standard Bearer 60p
NAU8 Infantry Drummer 60p
NAU9 Cavalry in boots holding sabre 1.20
NAU10 Cavalry in trousers holding carbine 1.20
NAU11 Infantry Bugler 60p
NAU12 Cavalry Guidon Bearer/Rush's Lancer 1.20
NAU13 Mounted Bugler 1.20
NAU14 Mounted General 1.20
NAM1 Zouave standing firing 60p
NAM2 Zouave standing loading 60p
NAM3 Casualty 60p
NAM4 Cannon and 4 crew 5.20
NAM5 Limber with 4 horses, 2 outriders and 2 seated figures 8.90
NAM6 Caisson (requires above limber) 2.80
NAM7 2.5 inch section of snake fence 60p
NAM8 2.5 inch section of stone fence 1.20
NAM9 Large timbered American house 8
NAM10 Small timbered American house 6.90
NAM11 Zouave in turban,standing firing 16/09/08 60p
NAM12 Zouave in turban,standing loading 16/09/08 60p
  24 man pack 12.00
  8 man Cavalry Squadron 8.50
  100 man army pack ( a balanced force of infantry, cavalry, artillery and all relevant officers etc ). 48.00

                                    For early war types,use our Garibaldians.                                     

NAM 6 NAM4  (without crew)

NAM 5 (missing 2 of it's horses and 1 outrider. Lazy)!

The battle of Apollo street, featuring NAM 7,9 & 10,and showing

that you can paint union types as rebs, and vice versa.