A very British Civil War

You're nicked!

This is a small range of figures, which can be used in conjunction with our SCW, WW1 & 2,Riot, Animals and equipment figures.

Also use our generic bareheaded open-handed figures from our moderns range

BCW1 Policeman firing rifle 60p
BCW2 Policeman standing with rifle 60p
BCW3 Policeman firing tommy gun 60p
BCW4 Policeman in peaked cap, with pistol 60p
BCW5 Mounted policeman with rifle 1.20
BCW6 Nun with rifle 60p
BCW7 Lady in long dress with rifle 60p
BCW8 Civilian with shotgun 60p
BCW9 Civilian with rifle 60p
BCW10 Mounted Fox hunter with rifle 1.20
BCW11 Boy scout with Molotov cocktail 60p
BCW12 Civilian in bowler hat with Thompson SMG 60p
BCW13 Civilian, bareheaded with Lewis LMG 60p
BCW14 "Officer" with walking stick 60p
BCW15 "Officer" in top hat, with pistol 60p
BCW16  Bareheaded civilian standard bearer 60p
BCW17 HMG & 2 civilian crew 2.80
BCW18 18pdr field gun with 4 civilian crew (18pdr wan be swapped for any gun in our really useful guns range on request).


BCW19 Mortar with 2 civilian crew. 2.80
BCW20 Armed footballer with rifle (3 variants) NEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW21 Armed footballer with SNGNEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW22 Armed footballer with LMGNEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW23 Armed footballer standard bearerNEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW24 Armed football captain with pistol, blowing whistleNEW 8/1/16 60p

BCW 30 & 20.

BCW25 Armed cricketer with rifle (3 variants)NEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW26 Armed cricketer bowling grenade!NEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW27 Armed cricketer with SMGNEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW28 Armed cricketer with LMGNEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW29 Armed cricketer standard bearerNEW 8/1/16 60p
BCW30 Armed cricket captain with bat and pistol or rifle (2 variants)NEW 8/1/16 60p
  24 man police, civilian, footballers or cricketers  pack 12


8 man mounted police or fox hunter pack


  Below are lots of pictures of the range, painted and photographed by Carl Luxford.

The last pictures are useful figures from our WW2 range

BCW 12, 13 & 15

BCW 16 & 14

BCW 17

BCW 18

BCW 14 & 19


BCW 10

BCW 9 & 8

BCW 7 & 6


French voulenteers! 5.20 105

5.20 4 & 3

BCW 11