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The following Battlepacks include two opposing forces and a set of rules.

Buying armies and rules in Battlepack form gives a saving of 10-15% and is an inexpensive way of starting a new period.

Choose any two armies from the relevant ranges in the catalogue.

Please note that Battlepack armies are tailored to our Battlepacks and are not necessarily composed in the same way as our Complete Army packs.

RIOT BATTLEPACKS -- Matthew Hartley
New Rules for revolting people from Watt Tyler to Watts Figures are available to complement them

RIOT RULES (please note that the riot packs do not include rules).

20mm MEDIEVAL POLL TAX REBELS Angry peasants, lord & his forces, looting & fire markers
20mm REVENGE - A NAPOLEONIC SOLO GAME Lynchers, the local JP, the local security forces, a wagon and the "French" captives


Revolutionaries & looters, Junta forces & markers


90 rioters, 8 soldiers, 8 policemen, 4 mounted policemen, 4 reporters, 4 cameramen, 12 looting and 12 fire markers.

QUE? Spanish Civil War Battlepack. 72 Infantry, 2 guns and crew, 2 MGs and crew plus rules
QUE? Expansion pack 8 Cavalry, 2 MGs and crew, 2 Mortars and crew, 1 tank
ANCIENT 2 armies and DBA Rules
Army One
Army Two
MEDIEVAL 2 armies and DBA Rules
Army One
Army Two