Late Medieval

Figures have minor variants, supplied at random

NLM9 Mounted Knight, NLM1 Wars of the Roses Longbowman firing
NLM9 Mounted Knight, NLM1 Wars of the Roses Longbowman firing

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Wars of the Roses Longbowman firing


NLM2 Wars of the Roses Billman 60p
NLM3 Swiss/Burgundian Pikeman 60p
NLM4 Swiss/Burgundian Armoured Pikeman 60p
NLM5 Handgunner 60p
NLM6 Crossbowman 60p
NLM7 Peasant with improvised weapon 60p
NLM8 Dismounted Knight 60p
NLM9 Mounted Knight 1.20
NLM10 Sergeant Cavalry (can be supplied with spear, crossbow or bow) 1.20
NLM11 Bombard and 4 crew 6
NLM12 Knight's Tent


4 of the many variants of NLM 13 Scots spearman.

NLM13 Scots Spearman in gambeson 60p
NLM14 Scots Archer in gambeson with bow and axe 60p

NLM 17,2 variants of NLM 15 & NLM 16

NLM15 Highland Heavy Infantry with axe or Irish Gallowglaich 60p
NLM16 Scots Unarmoured Axeman or Irish Bonnacht 60p
NLM17 Irish Kern light infantry 60p
NLM18 Scots or Irish Unarmoured Cavalry 1.20
NLM19 Hussite War Wagon 10/09/2008 5.20
NLM20 Hussite infantry with flail, morning star or halbard 10/09/2008 60p
NLM21 Hussite Handgunner 10/09/2008 60p
NLM22 Stradiot cavalry 10/09/2008 1.20
  24 man pack 12.00
  100 man army pack ( a balanced force of infantry, cavalry, artillery and all relevant officers etc ). 48.00
  8 man cavalry pack 8.50

For more billmen varieties, NLM3 & 4 can be supplied with a bill.

Also use our Renaissance Ottoman Turks.


NLM 3 & 4 Pikemen

NLM 5 Handgunner