Late Medieval

Figures have minor variants, supplied at random

NLM9 Mounted Knight, NLM1 Wars of the Roses Longbowman firing
NLM9 Mounted Knight, NLM1 Wars of the Roses Longbowman firing

( There is a photo)


Wars of the Roses Longbowman firing


NLM2 Wars of the Roses Billman B
NLM3 Swiss/Burgundian Pikeman B
NLM4 Swiss/Burgundian Armoured Pikeman B
NLM5 Handgunner B
NLM6 Crossbowman B
NLM7 Peasant with improvised weapon B
NLM8 Dismounted Knight B
NLM9 Mounted Knight G
NLM10 Sergeant Cavalry (can be supplied with spear, crossbow or bow) G
NLM11 Bombard and 4 crew P
NLM12 Knight's Tent


4 of the many variants of NLM 13 Scots spearman.

NLM13 Scots Spearman in gambeson B
NLM14 Scots Archer in gambeson with bow and axe B

NLM 17,2 variants of NLM 15 & NLM 16

NLM15 Highland Heavy Infantry with axe or Irish Gallowglaich B
NLM16 Scots Unarmoured Axeman or Irish Bonnacht B
NLM17 Irish Kern light infantry B
NLM18 Scots or Irish Unarmoured Cavalry G
NLM19 Hussite War Wagon 10/09/2008 N
NLM20 Hussite infantry with flail, morning star or halbard 10/09/2008 B
NLM21 Hussite Handgunner 10/09/2008 B
NLM22 Stradiot cavalry 10/09/2008 G
  24 man pack 12.00
  100 man pack 48.00
  8 man cavalry pack 8.50

For more billmen varieties, NLM3 & 4 can be supplied with a bill.

Also use our Renaissance Ottoman Turks.


NLM 3 & 4 Pikemen

NLM 5 Handgunner