Plains/Mexican Wars

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NPW26 Mexican Infantry, advancing with rifle, NPW10 Sioux, standing firing musket
NPW26 Mexican Infantry, advancing with rifle, NPW10 Sioux, standing firing musket

NPW1 Crow, Buckskin advancing with musket
NPW2 Crow, Buckskin standing firing musket
NPW3 Crow, Buckskin kneeling firing musket
NPW4 Crow, Buckskin firing bow
NPW5 Assiniboin, Buckskin advancing with musket
NPW6 Assiniboin, Buckskin standing firing musket
NPW7 Assiniboin, Buckskin kneeling firing musket
NPW8 Assiniboin, Buckskin firing bow
NPW9 Sioux, advancing with musket
NPW10 Sioux, standing firing musket
NPW11 Sioux, kneeling firing musket
NPW12 Sioux, firing bow
NPW13 Apache, advancing with musket
NPW14 Apache, standing firing musket
NPW15 Apache, kneeling firing musket
NPW16 Apache, firing bow
NPW17 Dismounted US Trooper, advancing with rifle
NPW18 Dismounted US Trooper, standing firing rifle
NPW19 Dismounted US Trooper, kneeling firing rifle
NPW20 Dismounted US Trooper, loading rifle
NPW21 Dismounted US Trooper, shooting pistol

NPW 23, 22 & 25. Canadian mounties.

Photo and painting by Carl luxford.

NPW22 Dismounted Canadian Mountie, advancing with rifle, in fur hat
NPW23 Dismounted Canadian Mountie, standing firing with rifle, in fur hat
NPW24 Dismounted Canadian Mountie, kneeling firing rifle, in fur hat
NPW25 Dismounted Canadian Mountie, loading rifle, in fur hat
NPW26 Mexican Infantry, advancing with rifle
NPW27 Mexican Infantry, standing firing rifle
NPW28 Mexican Infantry, kneeling firing rifle
NPW29 Mexican Infantry, loading rifle
NPW30 Dismounted US Dragoon, advancing with musket
NPW31 Dismounted US Dragoon, standing firing musket
NPW32 Dismounted US Dragoon, Kneeling firing musket
NPW33 Dismounted US Dragoon, loading musket
NPW34 Mounted Indian firing bow (2 variants)
NPW35 Mounted Indian holding or firing carbine (2 variants)
NPW36 Mounted Indian with spear (2 variants)
NPW37 Mounted Indian with tomahawk  (2 variants)
NPW38 Mounted Indian Chief
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  100 man army pack (a balanced force of infantry, cavalry, artillery and all relevant officers etc).
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