NRT4 Turkish cavalry

NRT3 & 1 Turkish cavalry


NRT1 Turkish Armoured spahi cavalry (available on armoured or unarmoured horse)


NRT2 Turkish horse archer firing bow (2 part casting, to allow all round firing positions) 05/9/08 G
NRT3 Turkish unarmoured spahi cavalry


NRT4 Turkish unarmoured cavalry with sabre & slung musket G
NRT5 Turkish Janissary firing bow B

NRT6,7 & 8 Janissaries

NRT6 Turkish janissary,at the ready, with musket B
NRT7 Turkish janissary,walking with musket B
NRT8 Turkish janissary,open handed.Can be supplied with halbard,pike or artillery tool. B
NRT9 Turkish  infantry spearman B
NRT10 Turkish infantry archer B
NRT11 Turkish musket infantry loading B
NRT12 Turkish musket infantry,at the ready B
NRT13 Turkish infantry,open handed.Can be supplied with halbard,pike or artillery tool. B
NRT14 Turkish infantry officer B

NRT12 Turk & NRP9 Polish infantry


Most figures have minor variants


NRP1 Polish hussar

NRP1 Polish winged hussar cavalry G
NRP2 Polish pancerni cavalry G
NRP3 Polish Cossack cavalry with sword & bow G
NRP4 Polish Dragoon with carbine G
NRP5 Polish dismounted dragoon B
NRP6 Polish dismounted dragoon horse holder B
NRP7 Standing horse B
NRP8 Polish mounted general G
NRP9 Polish drab infantry marching B
NRP10 Polish drab infantry,at the ready B
NRP11 Polish infantry,open handed. Can be supplied with halbard ,pike,or artillery tool. B
NRP12 Cannon G
NRP13 Polish infantry drummer B
NRP14 Polish infantry officer B
  For  more Polish types,use our Muscovite cossack,tartar,and strelzi,as later infantry.Use NR8,9,10 & 11 as Rajtar cavalry  


NRM5 Tartar and NRP3 Polish cossacks



All painting below by Julian "excelled-himself" Hammond.

Most figures have minor variants

NRM1 Dvor cavalry

NRM1 Muscovite Dvor armoured cavalry with lance & bow (available on armoured or unarmoured horse) G
NRM2 Muscovite Medium Boyar cavalry with mace/spear/whip & bow G
NRM3 Cossak guard cavalry with lance and wings! G
NRM4 Cossack cavalry with lance & bow G
NRM5 Tartar cavalry firing bow G
NRM6 Muscovite strelzi infantry marching,with musket & axe B
NRM7 Muscovite strelzi infantry firing, with musket resting on axe B
NRM8 Muscovite infantry, open handed, can be supplied with standard pole, artillery rammer, or halbard B
NRM9 Cannon G
NRM10 Cossack infantry firing, musket resting on axe B
NRM11 Cossack infantry with axe B
NRM12 Infantry drummer B
NRM13 Infantry officer B
NRM14 Mounted general  
  For more heavy and light cavalry types use NRT1 & NRP3 G


Bargain Packs

  24 man pack 12.00
  8 man Cavalry Squadron 8.50
  100 man pack 48.00


           NRM1 & 14 Heavy cavalry                

NRM2 Boyar cavalry

NRM3 Cossack guard cavalry

NRM6,7,8 & 13 Strelzi infantry

NRM10 & 11 Cossack infantry

NRM4 mounted Cossacks

NRM8 & 9 Artillery