(the wars of Italian unification)

NGAR1-5 are also suitable for early ACW types,and Franco Prussian war franc-tireurs.

NGAR7-12 are suitable as Sardinians & other Italian states, Crimean war/Franco Austrian war/Mexican adventure  French.

A NEW range, released 8th November 2008

NGAR2(2 of the variants) & 5

NGAR1 Garibaldian infantry running(3 variants)


NGAR2 Garibaldian infantry advancing(3 variants)


NGAR3 Garibaldian infantry firing(3 varaints) B

NGAR3 (2 of the variants)

NGAR4 Garibaldian infantry bugler B
NGAR5 Garibaldian infantry officer with sword and flag B
NGAR6 Garibaldian cavalry G
NGAR7 Neopolitan infantry advancing B
NGAR8 Neopolitan infantry firing B

NGAR 7 & 8

NGAR9 Neopolitan infantry bugler B


NGAR 9 & 10

NGAR10 Neopolitan infantry officer firing pistol B
NGAR11 Neopolitan dragoon cavalry G
NGAR12 Neopolitan gun and four crew N
NGAR13 Neopolitan infantry standard bearer B


  24 man pack 12.00
  8 man Cavalry Squadron 8.50
  100 man pack 48.00