Characters of the Wild West

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Cow 1-4 designed by Steve Cooper.

Figures are 28-30mm tall. (apart from women & children).


Apache boy


Apache girl


Apache woman

COW4 Apache old woman


COW5 Indian advancing with rifle
COW6 Indian firing rifle
COW7 Indian firing bow
COW8 Indian running with knife

COW9 Mexican running with scythe
COW10 Mexican with spade and knife
COW11 Mexican running, open hands

COW12 Chinese walking with machete
COW13 Chinese with rifle
COW14 Chinese running, open hands


COW15 Cowboy shooting revolver
COW16 Cowboy with rifle
COW17 Cowboy, open hands
COW18 Cowboy wounded in bandages and sling, with revolver

COW19 Woman with rifle
COW20 Busty woman!
COW21 Woman with baby
COW22 Rifle


Mexican hat

24 Man Infantry Pack: choose nationality & unit type (Musket/rifle/pike, etc.). Each pack comes with a command group.
Choose Nationality & Weaponry
100 Man Army Pack


Cacti are from our 15mm plains wars and 54mm scenic's ranges