Imperial Chinese

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Han infantry. Painting by John Reidy

Han inf Y5a,7a,8a

Han inf Y6a,Y11a,b

Han inf Y9b,c,d.

Three kingdoms archer Y 8f


Chinese regular extra-heavy cavalry: Three kingdoms

Y1b Chinese regular extra-heavy cavalry: T'ang
Y1c Chinese regular extra-heavy cavalry: Ming
Y1d Chinese regular extra-heavy cavalry: Cataphract


Chinese regular heavy cavalry: Han - Three kingdoms

Y2b Chinese regular heavy cavalry: T'ang
Y2c Chinese regular heavy cavalry: Sung
Y2d Chinese regular heavy cavalry: Ming/Manchu


Chinese heavy cavalry command: early officer

Y3b Chinese heavy cavalry command: early standard bearer
Y3c Chinese heavy cavalry command: later officer
Y3d Chinese heavy cavalry command: later standard bearer


Chinese regular light cavalry: Han crossbowman

Y4b Chinese regular light cavalry: archer
Y4c Chinese regular light cavalry: javelinman/lancer
Y4d Chinese regular light cavalry: light cavalry officer


Chinese elite infantry: Han halberdier

Y5b Chinese elite infantry: T'ang guard swordsman
Y5c Chinese elite infantry: Sung guard
Y5d Chinese elite infantry: Ming halberdier
Y5e Chinese elite infantry: armoured Ming


Chinese levy regular spearman: Han

Y6b Chinese levy regular spearman: T'ang
Y6c Chinese levy regular spearman: Sung
Y6d Chinese levy regular spearman: Ming/Manchu
Y6e Chinese levy regular spearman: armoured Ming
Y6f Chinese levy regular spearman: Three kingdoms (Sui)


Chinese levy regular crossbowman: Han

Y7b Chinese levy regular crossbowman: T'ang
Y7c Chinese levy regular crossbowman: Sung
Y7d Chinese levy regular crossbowman: Ming
Y7e Chinese levy regular crossbowman: armoured Ming
Y7f Chinese levy regular crossbowman: Three kingdoms (Sui)


Chinese levy regular archer: Han

Y8b Chinese levy regular archer: T'ang
Y8c Chinese levy regular archer: Sung
Y8d Chinese levy regular archer: Ming
Y8e Chinese levy regular archer: armoured Ming
Y8f Chinese levy regular archer: Three kingdoms (Sui)


Chinese special infantry/early: Han convict

Y9b Chinese special infantry/early: Han swordsman
Y9c Chinese special infantry/early: Han two-handed swordsman
Y9d Chinese special infantry/early: tribal infantry


Chinese special infantry/late: Chinese handgunner/arquebusier

Y10b Chinese special infantry/late: Chinese militia spearman
Y10c Chinese special infantry/late: Imperial guard crossbowman
Y10d Chinese special infantry/late: Manchu tigerman


Chinese infantry command: early officer

Y11b Chinese infantry command: early standard bearer
Y11c Chinese infantry command: later officer
Y11d Chinese infantry command: later standard bearer


Chinese four-horse chariots: Han general

Y12b Chinese four-horse chariots: Han
Y12c Chinese four-horse chariots: T'ang general
Y13 Chinese two-horse chariot: Han

Chinese infantry command - later standard bearer (Y11d)
Chinese infantry command - later standard bearer (Y11d)

Han general four-horse chariot (Y12a)
Han general four-horse chariot (Y12a)
Photo credit: Carl Luxford

Sung inf Y5c,6c,7c,8c

Ming inf Y5e,6e,7e,8e

Later Chinese Cavalry officer Y3c

Han regular heavy cavalry (Y2a)

Han regular heavy cavalry (Y2a)
Photo credit: Carl Luxford


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Below are some pictures of Bob Minadeo's three kingdoms Chinese army

Y 1d


Y 3 a & b

Y 6 f

Y 6 f

Y 7 f

Y 5 b

Y 11 a & b

Y 9 d with M52 & 53 mixed in for that tribal look.

Y 4 b

Y 4 a

Y 4 d