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Most figures have several variants

For more Cataphract variants, use our Palmyran or Sassanid Cataphracts

IP 77 cataphracts, with a P 40 Palmyran far right.

IP 77

Parthian cataphract with lance

IP 78

Parthian cataphract officer with sword

IP 79

Parthian cataphract standard bearer with draco standard

IP 80 Parthian light cavalry horse archer (some variants are 2 piece castings to allow all-round shooting positions)
IP 81 Parthian light cavalry officer with sword

IP 82

Parthian light cavalry standard bearer with draco standard

IP 82 & 80 light cavalry


These are hidden away in our personality range!

Palmyran cataphract (P40)

P 40 Palmyran cataphract


Palmyran cataphract charging (1 piece casting)


Palmyran volunteer light cavalry


Palmyran infantry archer


Palmyran regular light cavalry


Palmyran dismounted cataphract



Also from our personality range

P 49 Blemye extra-heavy cavalry


Bleyme heavy cavalryman


Bleyme extra-heavy cavalryman


Bargain & Army packs

24 Man Infantry Pack: choose nationality & unit type (archer/spearmen/axemen etc.). Each pack comes with a command group.
Choose Nationality & Weaponry
8 Man Cavalry Pack: choose nationality & unit type (light, medium, heavy, archer etc.). Each pack comes with a command group where applicable. (please state heavy or light)
Choose Nationality & Weaponry
100 man army pack
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