Invasion of the bugs!
A new range set in the near future (about next thursday-in the afternoon)

All Prices include UK postage, if ordering from outside the UK additional postage will be added at the checkout page. (This will be called "tax". There is an additional 2.00 charge for orders under 20.00 and a minimum order of 6.00 to destinations outside of Europe).

SFB  1

Counter-insect squad machine gunner advancing

SFB  2

Counter-insect squad machine gunner firing

SFB  3 Counter-insect squad with rocket launcher, firing
SFB  4 Counter-insect squad with flame thrower
SFB  5 Counter-insect squad sniper, firing
SFB  6 Counter-insect squad officer
SFB  7 Cyber attack-dog
SFB  8 Scorpio-Bug
SFB  9 Spider-Bug

Zombies are go!

SFB 13 cave bug

SFB 10

Male Zombie

SFB 11

Female zombie

SFB 12

Child Zombie

SFB 13 Cave-Bug (measures aprox 1 inch either way)

SFB 8 expertly painted by Roger Webb

Our new modern civilians make great anti bug volunteers