(600 - 900 A.D.)

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Tibetan cavalry officer blowing conch shell (T3a)
Tibetan  SHC with lance (T2a). Credit: Steve Royen


Tibetan MC using bow or lance

T1a Tibetan HC using bow or lance


Tibetan EHC using bow or lance

T2a Tibetan SHC using bow or lance


Tibetan cavalry officer

T3a Tibetan cavalry blowing conch shell
T3b Tibetan cavalry with line standard
T3c Tibetan cavalry with army standard


Tibetan mounted general with golden arrow


Nepalese foot general, bareheaded, resting foot on helmet


Nepalese archer firing, in summer dress

T6a Nepalese archer firing, in winter dress
T6b Nepalese  javelinman in summer dress


Five wicker shields, for optional upgrading


Bargain & Army packs

24 Man Infantry Pack: choose nationality & unit type (archer/spearmen/axemen etc.). Each pack comes with a command group.
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100 Man Army Pack
8 Man Cavalry Pack: choose nationality & unit type (light, medium, heavy, archer etc.). Each pack comes with a command group where applicable.
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