Revolutionary Wars


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These are some great pictures of Mats Gregor's Revolutionary Army

3 variants of LREV 1

LREV 2, 3, 4 and the 2 variants of LREV 5

LREV1 Infantry in bicorne, marching
LREV2 Infantry drummer in bicorne
LREV3 Infantry standard bearer in bicorne
LREV4 Infantry NCO with halbard, in bicorne
LREV5 Infantry officer with sword, in bicorne
LREV6 Gun & 4 crew in bicorne


4 horse limber with 2 outriders in bicorne


LREV8 Infantry in Tarleton helmet, marching
LREV9 Infantry drummer in Tarleton helmet, marching
LREV10 Infantry standard bearer in Tarleton helmet, marching
LREV11 Infantry NCO with halberd, in Tarleton helmet, marching
LREV12 Infantry Engineer with tool, in Tarleton helmet, marching
LREV13 Infantry in casquette a pouf(!) marching
LREV14 Infantry grenadier in casquette a pouf marching (figure as above but with stick-on sword)
LREV15 Infantry drummer in casquette a pouf, marching
LREV16 Infantry standard bearer in casquette a pouf, marching
LREV17 Infantry NCO with halberd in casquette a pouf, marching
LREV18 Infantry engineer with tool in casquette a pouf, marching
LREV19 French militia marching, in cap, or bonnet de police, and slightly ragged clothing! (5 variants).
LREV20 British marine running
LREV21 Infantry standing firing in bicorne
LREV22 Infantry standing firing in tarleton
LREV23 Cavalry in bicorne


Cavalry in kasket helmet

For officers for the above, use LREV 5. More Cavalry to follow soon!

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