The Maximilian War 1861-1867

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Juristas, expertly painted by Steve Blease of Wessex games.

3 variants of MAX 1, MAX 4, 5 & 6

2 variants each of MAX 2, 3 & 7

For many other useful types, (zouaves, and others), see our ACW, characters of the wild west, and Italian wars of unification ranges

Unless stated, figures come in a variety of headgear (Sombreros, kepis, havelocks and broad brimmed hats).

MAX1 Jurista infantry (assorted positions)
MAX2 Maximilian imperialist infantry advancing
MAX3 Maximilian imperialist Cazador/Austrian legion firing
MAX4 Bugler (suitable for all protagonists)
MAX5 Standard bearer with flagpole and pistol (suitable for all protagonists)
MAX6 Officer (suitable for all protagonists)
MAX7 French infantry marching
MAX8 French infantry bugler marching
MAX9 French infantry drummer marching
MAX10 French infantry standard bearer marching


French infantry engineer/sapper marching

MAX 2 & 6

Cacti are from our 15mm plains wars and 54mm scenic's ranges

2 variants of MAX 13, MAX 12 & 14.

MAX12 Lancer cavalry in wide brimmed hat
MAX13 Cavalry with sabre and slung musket
MAX14 Cavalry bugler in sombrero
MAX15 Cavalry bugler in havelock hat
MAX16 Mounted officer/general
MAX17 Mexican artillery-gun & 4 crew
MAX18 Mexican 2 horse limber & outrider
MAX19 French artillery-gun & 4 crew


French 2 horse limber & outrider




8 Man Cavalry Pack: choose nationality & unit type (light, medium, heavy, etc.). Each pack comes with a command group where applicable.
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24 Man Infantry Pack: choose nationality & unit type (Musket/rifle/pike, etc.). Each pack comes with a command group.
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100 Man Army Pack: Please state which army you would like.
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