The Maximilian War 1861-1867

Juristas, expertly painted by Steve Blease of Wessex games.

3 variants of MAX 1, MAX 4, 5 & 6

2 variants each of MAX 2, 3 & 7

For many other useful types, (zouaves, and others), see our ACW, characters of the wild west, and Italian wars of unification ranges

Unless stated, figures come in a variety of headgear (Sombreros, kepis, havelocks and broad brimmed hats).

MAX1 Jurista infantry (assorted positions) C
MAX2 Maximilian imperialist infantry advancing C
MAX3 Maximilian imperialist Cazador/Austrian legion firing C
MAX4 Bugler (suitable for all protagonists) C
MAX5 Standard bearer with flagpole and pistol (suitable for all protagonists) C
MAX6 Officer (suitable for all protagonists) C
MAX7 French infantry marching C
MAX8 French infantry bugler marching C
MAX9 French infantry drummer marching C
MAX10 French infantry standard bearer marching C


French infantry engineer/sapper marching


2 variants of MAX 13, MAX 12 & 14.

MAX12 Lancer cavalry in wide brimmed hat. H
MAX13 Cavalry with sabre and slung musket H
MAX14 Cavalry bugler in sombrero H
MAX15 Cavalry bugler in havelock hat H
MAX16 Mounted officer/general H
MAX17 Mexican artillery-gun & 4 crew S
MAX18 Mexican 2 horse limber & outrider S
MAX19 French artillery-gun & 4 crew S


French 2 horse limber & outrider





8 man cavalry pack 12.00
24 Man Infantry Pack


100 Man Army Pack