Boats & Ships of Antiquity

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The full range
The full range

IKBOA1 Medieval Cog Boat (hull 30mm long)
IKBOA2 General purpose sail boat (hull 20mm long)
IKBOA3 Small galley (hull15mm long)
IKBOA4 Large galley (hull 30mm long)

For more boats and ships, see our 20th century boats range below:


Landing craft (32mm long)


Patrol boat (22mm long)

IKBO3 Gun boat (34mm long)

IKBO4 Monitor (18mm long)
IKBO5 Armed merchantman (36mm long)
IKBO6 Destroyer (40mm long)
IKBO7 Corvette (33mm long)
IKBO8 Light cruiser (42mm long)
IKBO9 Cruiser (48mm long)
IKBO10 Battleship (65mm long)
IKBO11 Aircraft carrier (60mm long)


Submarine (48mm long)

IKBO13 Higgins boat with troops (designed by Simon Donald) - (2)