Republican Romans

A well detailed range

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LRR1 Hastati. There's a rear view to show that he's not just a walking shield.


Roman Hastati infantry with sword

LRR2 Roman Princepes infantry with pillum
LRR3 Roman Triarii infantry with spear
LRR4 Roman Velite infantry with spear and javelin
LRR5 Roman Infantry officer
LRR6 Roman Heavy cavalry
LRR7 Numidian light cavalry
LRR8 Italian medium infantry
LRR9 Italian heavy infantry
LRR10 Italian heavy cavalry
LRR11 Roman bolt thrower and 2 crew
LRR12 Vexillum standard, for use with LRR3 or LRR6


Eagle standard, for use with LRR3 or LRR6