Republican Romans

A well detailed range

LRR1 Hastati. There's a rear view to show that he's not just a walking shield.



Roman Hastati infantry with sword


LRR2 Roman Princepes infantry with pillum      2
LRR3 Roman Triarii infantry with spear      2
LRR4 Roman Velite infantry with spear and javelin      2
LRR5 Roman Infantry officer      2
LRR6 Roman Heavy cavalry      4.50
LRR7 Numidian light cavalry      4.50
LRR8 Italian mediun infantry      2
LRR9 Italian heavy infantry      2
LRR10 Italian heavy cavalry      4.50
LRR11 Roman bolt thrower and 2 crew      7.00
LRR12 Vexillum standard, for use with LRR3 or LRR6          90p


Eagle standard, for use with LRR3 or LRR6