Retro Science-fiction
Inspired by the Dan Dare Adventures

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RSF 1 & 2

RSF 1 & 2 expertly painted by Roger Webb



Space Pilot advancing with laser pistol


Large alien with laser rifle
RSF3 Alien advancing with space gun
RSF4 Alien guard standing with space gun
RSF5 Alien Leader with sword
RSF6 Large alien standing firing laser rifle
RSF7 Large alien kneeling firing laser rifle
RSF8 Large alien advancing with laser pistol
RSF9 Alien standing firing space gun
RSF10 Alien kneeling firing space gun
RSF11 Alien guard standing firing space gun
RSF12 Alien guard kneeling firing space gun
RSF13 Space pilot advancing with laser rifle
RSF14 Space pilot's batman walking with laser pistol


Space dog/elephant/cutie creature (designed by Rachel Kirby)

RSF 3, 4 & 5

RSF 3, 4 & 5 expertly painted by Roger Webb