Soldiers "at attention" and ceremonials.

 British army uniforms 1669 to present day

Designed by Ian Kay

Musketeer, 1st guards 1669 Tangier 4.50
Private, Erles regiment 1709 Malplaquet 4.50
Private, 63rd regiment of foot 1775 Bunker hill 4.50
Private, 69th regiment of foot 1815 Waterloo 4.50
Private,  89th regiment of foot 1854 Balaclava 4.50
Private, 24th regiment of foot 1879 Rorkes Drift 4.50
Private, 1st Northumberlands 1898 Omdurman 4.50
Private, 5th regiment, Royal Fusiliers 1914 Mons 4.50
Private, 3rd Division 1944 Normandy 4.50
Private, Anglia regiment present day Afghanistan 4.50
Present day household cavalry mounted 12
Royal marine bugler marching NEW 21/9/16 4.50 
Guardsman bugler marching NEW 13/9/16 4.50 
Figure in greatcoat saluting (Choose any seperate head from our empire multi-part heads to create any subject)! 4.50 

Household cavalry, painted as Blues and royals (left) and lifeguards (right)

Royal marine bugler, painted by Edwin Kay

Guardsman bugler

Figure in greatcoat saluting



Individual figures 4.50, set of any 10 foot  40.00

As we like this position so much (strong, easy to cast and you can fit a lot on a mould) we're offering to make a bespoke figure, any period or subject,as long as you buy 20.

The first 2 figures in this series are at a more informal attention,as the earliest pictorial evidence for "at attention" i have found dates to the American war of independance