Civilians of all Ages

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54mm Figures are available painted for an extra 7.25/17.25 for infantry (Toy/Connoisseur) and 11.50/23.50 for cavalry (Toy/Connoisseur).

Please email us at ian_kay@sky.com after placing your order and specify how you would like the figures to be painted.

Roman senator, Roman lady, Slaver, Captured Celt & pregnant woman

The whole group, with a legionary and centurion from our ancients range

19th/20th Gentleman & lady

Roman Senator/Greek gentleman
Roman/Greek Lady
Burly Roman slaver with money bag
Lady in dress, pregnant
Young girl in dress
Young boy in tunic
Celt prisoner naked in manacles
African male walking

Medieval Lady, and her bloke

Medieval Lady
Medieval Merchant
Medieval Monk
Medieval Fat friar with staff & cross
Peasant with pitchfork
Peasant  with scythe
19th/20th Century lifeboatman/sailor
19th/20th Century Lady in long dress
19th/20th Century Gentleman in dinner jacket
19th/20th Century Small girl with bunch of flowers
19th/20th Century Lady seated
20th Century officer in dress uniform
20th Century nurse
Deep sea diver standing
Deep sea diver seated on box
19th-21st century man in shirt, waistcoat and trousers seated
Choose Headgear
18th-21st century lady in long dress seated (choice of heads-bonnet or hat)
Choose Headgear
20th-21st century man in suit
20th-21st century lady in dress

20th Century officer in dress uniform (the figure doesn't have a sash, it was added as a conversion for a customer).

Lifeboatman/sailor, small girl & lady seated.