Civilians of all Ages

Roman senator,Roman lady, Slaver,Captured Celt & pregnant woman

The whole group, with a legionary and centurian from our ancients range

19th/20th Gentleman & lady

Roman Senator/Greek gentleman 04/11/07 4.50
Roman/Greek Lady 04/11/07 4.50
Burly Roman slaver with money bag 04/11/07 4.50
Lady in dress,pregnant 04/11/07 4.50
Young girl in dress 04/11/07 2
Young boy in tunic 04/11/07 2
Celt prisoner naked in manacles 04/11/07 4.50
African male walking 11/5/09 4.50

Medieval Lady, and her bloke

Medieval Lady 4.50
Medieval Merchant 4.50
Medieval Monk 4.50
Medieval Fat friar with staff & cross 4.50
Peasant with pitchfork 4.50
Peasant  with scythe 4.50
19th/20th Century lifeboatman/sailor 4.50
19th/20th Century Lady in long dress 4.50
19th/20th Century Gentleman in dinner jacket 4.50
19th/20th Century Small girl with bunch of flowers 2
19th/20th Century Lady seated 4.50
20th Century officer in dress uniform 4.50
20th Century nurse 4.50
Deep sea diver standing 4.50
Deep sea diver seated on box 4.50
19th-21st century man in shirt, waistcoat and trousers seated (choice of heads-flat cap, floppy hat, beret or bareheaded) 4.50
18th-21st century lady in long dress seated (choice of heads-bonnet or hat) 4.50
20th-21st century man in suit 27/04/16 4.50
20th-21st century lady in dress 27/04/16 4.50


Lifeboatman/sailor,small girl & lady seated.