Dutch wars/Restoration

Designed by Andy Partridge and Ian Kay

Dutch wars grenadier, painted by Andy Partridge


Musketeer at the ready, Musketeer loading and Grenadier throwing grenade

Grenadier throwing grenade



Musketeer Loading 6/04/08


Musketeer at the ready 6/04/08


Pikeman standing 6/04/08 4.50
Grenadier throwing grenade 6/04/08 4.50
Sergeant with halbard  6/04/08 4.50
Officer pointing with cane 6/04/08 4.50
Dragoon cavalry 6/04/08 12
Cuirassier cavalry 6/04/08 12

Officer pointing with cane

Sergeant with Halbard, Pikeman standing and Officer with cane

Cuirassier cavalry and Dragoon cavalry