Empire-multi part figures

All Prices include UK postage, if ordering from outside the UK additional postage will be added at the checkout page. (This will be called "tax". There is an additional 2.00 charge for orders under 20.00).

54mm Figures are available painted for an extra 7.25/17.25 for infantry (Toy/Connoisseur) and 11.50/23.50 for cavalry (Toy/Connoisseur).

Please email us at ian_kay@sky.com after placing your order and specify how you would like the figures to be painted.

This range can be used to make a wide range of figures from 1680 to the present day

Crimean British infantry, made from EMB2, EMH3 & EMW1

ACW confederate infantry, made from EMB1, EMH2 & EMW1

Mutiny British infantry-EMB1,EMH9,EMW1

Indian infantry-EMB2,EMH10,EMW1

Seven years war British infantry.

EMB 25, EMH 50, EMW 1

EMB 1 Tunic and trousers, at attention
EMB 2 Tunic and trousers, marching
EMB 3 Tunic and trousers, running
EMB 4 Tunic and trousers, firing
EMB 5 Tunic and trousers, kneeling
EMB 6 Cavalry-short jacket and trousers

ACW Confederate infantry-EMB1,EMH2,EMW1

British home service infantry-EMB7,EMH20,EMW6

German infantry 1914-EMB7,EMH23,EMW8

Spanish civil war foreign legion infantry-EMB7,EMH26,EMW8

British guardsman-EMB2,EMH13,EMW1

Sudan British infantry-EMB8,EMH22,EMW7

1914 British infantry-EMB8,EMH30,EMW7

1930's German stormtrooper-EMB8,EMH24,EMW8

EMB 7 Tunic and trousers with boots or putees, at attention
EMB 8 Tunic and trousers with boots or putees, marching
EMB 9 Tunic and trousers with boots or putees, running
EMB 10 Tunic and trousers with boots or putees, firing
EMB 11 Tunic and trousers with boots or putees, kneeling
EMB 12 Cavalry-long jacket, carbine and ammo belt over shoulder, trousers and boots or putees
EMB 13 Cavalry-long jacket, webbing and ammo pouches at waist, trousers with boots or putees
EMB 14 Cavalry-greatcoat
EMB 15 Tunic and trousers in greatcoat marching
EMB 16 Officer/bugler in tunic and trousers marching
EMB 17 Sailor marching
EMB 18 Sailor in landing kit marching
EMB 19 Seated in tunic and trousers with boots or putees  (hand can be drilled on request, to take whip)
Hand drilled
EMB 20 Highlander marching in kilt
EMB 21 Shirtsleeves, shorts & socks/putees, marching
EMB 22 Shell jacket/shirt & trousers marching
EMB 23 Short jacket with turnbacks & trousers marching
EMB 24 AWI/late 18th C marching
EMB 25 SYW/mid 18th C marching
EMB 26 Restoration/Marlburian marching
EMB 27 Firing in tunic and blanket roll, trousers with boots/gaiters. Good for WW1 or 2 Russians/Sepoy, etc


Colonial British infantry-EMB3,EMH7,EMW6

Mutiny British infantry-EMB4,EMH8,EMW1

New types.

Officer-EMB 16 EMH 30 EMW 5

Naval landing party EMB 18 EMH 38 EMW 8

Russian sailor EMB 17 EMH 35 EMW 1

Modern British guardsman EMB 15, EMH 13 EMW 11

German sailors, by David Pinder.

In the background 1 of his scratchbuilt houses using our architecturals range door and shuttered window

New seated figure EMB 19 EMH 11 EMW 12 with our 54mm 4 wheeled wagon.

David Pinders' Prussian wagon driver

EMB 19, EMH 23 EMW 6

EMH 1 Kepi
EMH 2 Slouch hat
EMH 3 1850's British shako
EMH 4 1850's French/Italian/Austrian shako
EMH 5 Besaglieri
EMH 6 Fez
EMH 7 Foreign service
EMH 8 Pugaree
EMH 9 Havelock
EMH 10 Turban
EMH 11 Forage cap
EMH 12 Cossack
EMH 13 British bearskin
EMH 14 Lancer czapska
EMH 15 Heavy dragoon helmet
EMH 16 Hussar busby
EMH 17 Scots Grey busby
EMH 18 Lifeguard helmet
EMH 19 Parade/home service plumed helmet
EMH 20 Home service spiked infantry helmet
EMH 21 Russian fur hat
EMH 22 Sudan period sun helmet
EMH 23 Picklehaube helmet
EMH 24 Coal-scuttle helmet
EMH 25 Feldmutz hat

1918 British sniper-EMB10,EMH31,EMW9

Spanish civil war infantry-EMB9,EMH27,EMW8

ACW union infantry-EMB5,EMH1,EMW1

Colonial Egyptian infantry-EMB11,EMH6,EMW7

EMH 26 SCW issabellino hat
EMH 27 SCW helmet
EMH 28 SCW civil guard hat
EMH 29 Adrian helmet
EMH 30 Flat peaked hat
EMH 31 British tin helmet
EMH 32 Beret
EMH 33 Askari in fez with neckflap
EMH 34 Sailor hat
EMH 35 German/Austrian Sailor hat
EMH 36 French Sailor hat
EMH 37 US Sailor hat
EMH 38 Sennet hat
EMH 39 Bare head
EMH 40 Highland bonnet
EMH 41 Tam o shanter
EMH 42 Glengarry
EMH 43 Bell topped shako
EMH 44 Wolsey helmet
EMH 45 Pinned-up slouch hat
EMH 46 Plumed top hat
EMH 47 Belgic shako
EMH 48 Tarleton helmet
EMH 49 Bicorne
EMH 50 Cocked hat
EMH 51 AWI cut down light inf hat
EMH 52 Fusileer cap
EMH 53 Stocking cap
EMH 54 Grenadier bearskin
EMH 55 Grenadier mitre
EMH 56 Tricorn
EMH 57 Royal marine helmet
EMH 58 WWII British helmet with camouflage netting and foliage
EMH 59 Sudan period sun helmet with neck flap

Marlburian infantry EMB 26, EMH 56, EMW 1

Seven Years war Grenadier EMB 25, EMH 55, EMW 1

Revolutionary wars infantry EMB 24, EMH 48, EMW 1

Napoleonic British infantry EMB 23, EMH 47, EMW 1

Mid 19th C infantry EMB 22 EMH 43, EMW 1

Early/Mid 19th C Highlander EMB 20, EMH 40, EMW 1

Late 19th C / early 20th C Highlander EMB 20, EMH 42, EMW 8

Late 19th C / early to mid 20th C tropical infantry EMB 21, EMH 45, EMW 8


Mutiny/Crimean British cavalry-EMB6,EMH11,EMW2,EMHO1

German Askari, painted by David Pinder.

EMB 8, EMH 33 EMW 6

Crimean war Russian infantry, made from EMB15, EMH11 & EMW1 & Crimean British infantry, made from EMB2, EMH3 & EMW1

Crimean British infantry, made from EMB2, EMH3 & EMW1

Crimean British infantry, made from EMB2, EMH3 & EMW1

Crimean British infantry, made from EMB2, EMH3 & EMW1

Crimean war Russian infantry, made from EMB15, EMH11 & EMW1

Crimean war Russian infantry, made from EMB15, EMH11 & EMW1

EMW 1 Musket
EMW 2 Cavalry or officer sabre/sword
EMW 3 Cavalry lance
EMW 4 Cavalry carbine
EMW 5 Cavalry or officer pistol
EMW 6 Martini-Henry rifle
EMW 7 Enfield rifle
EMW 8 Later rifle
EMW 9 Sniper rifle
EMW 10 Shotgun
EMW 11 FNLR rifle
EMW 12 Whip
EMW 13 Bugle
EMW 14 Spade/Entrenching tool

1916 French cavalry-EMB13,EMH29,EMW3,EMHO2

1875 British yeomanry cavalry-EMB12,EMH19,EMW2,EMHO1


EMHO 1 Standing
EMHO 2 Trotting
EMHO 3 Galloping
EMHO 4 Rearing
EMHO 5 Hussar- shabraque standing
EMHO 6 Hussar- shabraque galloping