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54mm Figures are available painted for an extra 7.25/17.25 for infantry (Toy/Connoisseur) and 11.50/23.50 for cavalry (Toy/Connoisseur).

Please email us at ian_kay@sky.com after placing your order and specify how you would like the figures to be painted.

Female Gladiator
Female Gladiator


Thracian with sword and shield

Retiarius with net and trident

Contra-Retiarius with hook and sword
Mrymillion in ornate armour
Samnite with large shield and sword

Mrymillion and Secutor

Secutor with bell helmet
Fighter with two daggers
Female Gladiator


Photo credit Bob Black

Below are our Gladiators painted in the "toy" style, by Andy Partridge

Retarius & Contra-retarius

Female gladiator & Gladiator with 2 daggers

Secutor & Mrymillon

Thracian & Samnite