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54mm Figures are available painted for an extra 7.25/17.25 for infantry (Toy/Connoisseur) and 11.50/23.50 for cavalry (Toy/Connoisseur).

Please email us at ian_kay@sky.com after placing your order and specify how you would like the figures to be painted.

Also see our "At attention" range for modern ceremonial figures

This new batch of insurgents and US figures are inspired by the film "Black hawk down",and are also good to present day. The insurgents can be used to depict any post war crisis

A moody shot of 3 of our insurgents. Painting and photo by Stephen Brook.

Modern US infantry kneeling firing, wearing "fanny pack & insurgent walking with AK47

Modern US rifleman advancing
Modern US rifleman standing firing
Modern US rifleman kneeling firing, wearing "fanny pack"
Modern US rifleman, kneeling firing
Insurgent firing rocket propelled grenade
Insurgent running firing AK47 from the hip
Insurgent standing with AK47 in baseball cap and shades
Insurgent walking with AK47, barechested
Insurgent walking in shirt & trousers, with AK47
Afghan Guerrilla running with AK47
Motorcycle with rider (please choose headgear type)
Choose Headgear
1960's British Infantryman

1960's British Infantryman

The rest of the insurgents!

The Yanks!

Modern British infantry, from our "Soldiers at attention" range