Scenics and Accessories

Totem Pole

Ox, barrel, sacks and chest.

Designed by Ian Kay

See also our architecturals page.

Barrel 1.00
Bag 50p
Chest 50p
Nude Standing 3.75
Nude Advancing 3.75
Leafless deciduous tree, small 2.00
Leafless deciduous tree, large 2.50
Palm tree, small 2.50
Palm tree, large 3.00
Shield (state type) 60p
Sword 30p
Russian wheeled heavy machine gun 1.80
Rifle/Musket (please state period) 40p
Backpack 50p
Medium spoked wheel 80p
Large spoked wheel 1.25
Palisade fencing 2.50
Palisade gateway 2.50
Rail fence 1.80
Set of 4 Cacti (75mm, 60mm 40mm & 30mm high) 5.50
2 Wheeled Ox Cart with Ox & Driver in generic dress.  Suitable for Ancients to Colonial 15.00
Totem Pole 100mm tall 6.00
Pair of harnessed draught horses 29/11/07 12.00
Pair of yoked oxen 29/11/07 10.00
Generic 4 wheeled cart (suitable for 1700 to 1945, or possibly earlier!) Doesn't include draught animals 15.00

2 Wheeled Ox Cart
2 Wheeled Ox Cart (photo lacks the ox and driver that comes with this kit)

Three of the Set of 4 Cacti
Three of the Set of 4 Cacti

Section of Palisade
Section of Palisade

Four wheeled wagon.

Ox cart.