All Prices include UK postage, if ordering from outside the UK additional postage will be added at the checkout page. (This will be called "tax". There is an additional 2.00 charge for orders under 20.00).

54mm Figures are available painted for an extra 7.25/17.25 for infantry (Toy/Connoisseur) and 11.50/23.50 for cavalry (Toy/Connoisseur).

Please email us at ian_kay@sky.com after placing your order and specify how you would like the figures to be painted.

Designed by Lawrence Kay


Figures come with easy to fit, peg in heads. For choice of heads see below.

Figures can be supplied with a ball on request.

Figures can be supplied painted in the kit of your choice for 11.75

Footballer standing
Footballer standing with arms folded
Footballer standing with arms folded behind back
Footballer Crouching
Footballer Crouching with hand resting on ground
Footballer Kneeling on one knee
Footballer seated
Boxer standing

Crouching and kneeling, painted by Lawrence and Edwin Kay, in 2 world famous York city kits.

Standing, arms folded, crouching with hand on ground and standing with arms folded behind back.

A not-so-good picture of the 11 head types.

To specify a head type, state number 1 to 11 from above types