18th Century

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Bavarian foot regiment XT56,26,7,8 &1 assenble before RU1 tree

Painting and photography by Andy Partridge

XT1 (L)

Mounted Generals (x3)

Line cavalry (XT2, XT3)

XT2 (L)

Line Cavalry in tricorn

XT3 (L)

Line Cavalry Command

XT4 (O)


XT5 (L)

Dragoons in stocking cap

XT6 (L)

Dragoon Command

Early 18th Century Musketeers (XT8, XT7)

XT7 (C)

Early 18th Century Musketeers in tricorn

XT8 (C)

Early 18th Century Musketeers Command

XT9 (C)

Early 18th Century Grenadiers in mitre

XT10 (C)

Early 18th Century Grenadier Command

XT11 (Limber only)

2 of XT 1 and XT 11, generals and artillery.


Gun, Crew and Limber


Galloper Gun, Crew and Horse


Mortar and Crew (hanging type)

Large siege gun and crew (XT14)
with strip of gabions (ES12)

Another view of XT14

XT15 Ammunition wagon

Photo and painting by Andy Partridge

XT 16 engineers

XT 17, 18 and 19


Large Siege Gun with 6 crew


Ammunition Wagon


Engineers/Labourers with axes, shovels etc (2 bases of three figures)

XT17 (L)

Highland Infantry with claymore or musket

XT18 (L)

Lowland Infantry with musket

XT19 (L)

Jacobite or American Irregular Cavalry

XT20 (O)

Infantry Skirmishing in tricorn or cap

XT21 (O)

Serbian or Croat Infantry skirmishing

XT22 (O)

Roger Rangers or similar skirmishing

XT23 (O)

Mohican Indians skirmishing

XT24 (C)

Early Grenadiers advancing in busby

XT25 (C)

Early Grenadier Command group

XT26 (C)

Dismounted French Dragoons in stocking cap

XT27 (L)

4 horses with French Dragoon horseholder

XT28 (C)

Dismounted Dragoons in tricorn

XT29 (L)

4 horses with Tricorn Dragoon horseholder

XT30 (L)

Early Austrian Cuirassiers in lobster pot helmet

XT31 (L)

Lobster pot Command group

XT32 & 33(Dragoons painted as Dutch) under fire from GWV14 explosions

Painting and photo by Andy Partridge

XT32 (L)

Dragoons in tricorn, charging

XT33 (L)

Dragoons Command group in tricorn

XT34 (C)

Mid/Late 18th Century Musketeer in tricorn and turnback coat

XT35 (C)

Mid/late 18th Century Command group in tricorn and turnback coat

XT36 (C)

Mid/Late 18th Century Grenadiers in mitre and turnback coat

XT37 (C)

Mid/Late 18th Century Grenadier Command group

XT38 (C)

Mid/Late 18th Century Grenadier in busby and turnback coat

XT39 (C)

Mid/Late 18th Century Busby Grenadier Command group

XT40 (C)

Highland Infantry in kilts

XT41 (C)

Highland Infantry Command group

XT42 (C)

American Militia Infantry

XT43 (C)

Indian Sepoy Infantry

XT44 (L)

Mid/Late 18th Centre Mounted Dragoons in crested helmet

XT45 (L)

Dragoon Command in crested helmet

XT46 (O)

Cossack, Bosnick or similar mounted Lancer

XT47 (L)

Horse Grenadiers in mitre

XT48 (L)

Horse Grenadier Command


Maratha or Mogul Elephant with crew

XT50 (L)

Maratha or Mogul Cavalry

XT51 (L)

Maratha or Mogul Camelry firing jingal.

XT52 (L)

Maratha or Mogul Infantry


Pontoon Wagon, pontoon and bridge section


2 wheeled Supply Wagon

XT 52 & 49 Moguls

XT 51 Mogul camelry firing jingals

General's coach (XT55)

XT 53 pontoons with XT 16 engineers

The 2 variants of XT 54 wagon


General's coach with team of 6 horses


Battalion Gun and crew

XT57 (C)

Early 18th Century Pikemen

XT58 (C)

Early 18th Century Pike Command

XT59 (C)

Three rank block of XT7


Three Main Command Group (2)


Three rank block (18 men with command)


Two rank block (12 men) marching


Two rank block marching with command


Two rank block (12 men) advancing


Two rank block advancing with command

XT66 Base of Routers
XT67 (C) Swedish or Russian Musketeers in Karpus hat
  XT68 (C) Swedish or Russian Pikemen in Karpus hat
XT69 (L) Swedish or Russian Cavalry in Karpus hat charging

XT 7 & 60 infantry and command group

18th Century - Armies

100 Strip (550 - 600 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Division Packs, for any Marlburian, '45, 7 Years War, American Revolution and British in India army. These discounted armies are pre-packed to our own realistic and balanced composition.

Our Jacobite army (contents may vary).

6mm Jacobite rebellion goverment/SYW British army (contents may vary).

A selection of our elephants (DA15, E 36, MP 22, XT 49, MP 1 IND 1) painted as moghuls

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Choose Nationality

Choose Nationality

18th Century Add-on packs.

Siege Battery

Pontoon Train

Half of our Siege Battery set. Set includes 2 earthwork sets,as above, with 4 mortars and 2 sige cannon