Boats & Cars

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BO1 General purpose sail boat
BO1 General purpose sail boat

Water Line Boats


General purpose sail boat (60mm long)


Viking Longboat (60mm long)

BO2 Viking longboat painted by Edwin Kay

BO3 Small Galley
BO3 Small Galley


Small Galley (suitable for classical or renaissance, 60mm long)


19/20th Century Steam boat (60mm long). Comes with optional paddles.

BO4 steam boat.

BO4 with paddles.

BO5 19th/20th century gunboat
BO5 19th/20th century gunboat


19th/20th Century Gunboat (60mm long)

Another view of BO5, with a better paint job, by Justin Barrett


Small rowing boat

(See also GWV31 Gunboat)


Pack of ten modern cars and van. Add a little realism to your modern games, or simulate the Irregular Miniatures car park!!

Modern cars. Painting and photography by Phil Walling of Firezone studios

Pack of ten post-holocaust cars, trucks and motorbikes with assorted armament. Great for "Mad Ron" type scenarios and that old "Car Wars" game you haven't played with for years.

For more vehicle options, see our Riot range fire engines, our WW2 armoured bulldozer, and our moderns range Hummer.

Why not have your cars racing around our 6mm settlements range Shell damaged town. Very good as a post-apocalyptic/abandoned city.

A couple of the components are pictured below.

You can populate it with types from our civilians range.

Below are some shots of our post holocaust cars in action, by David Bezio.

6 of the "mad Ron" set.