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Just part of our British camp set, from the settlements range.

Beautifully painted by RobH

Z1 (L)

Zulu Warriors

Z1 Zulu warriors, painted by Angel Barracks


Zulu Command Group

Z2 Zulu chief, painted by Angel Barracks


Zulu Hut


Zulu Kraal Wall

Z5 (L)

British Infantry kneeling

Z5 British infantry kneeling, painting by Angel Barracks

Z6 (L)

British Infantry standing

Z6 British infantry standing, painting by Angel Barracks

Z7 (L)

British Infantry Command group

Z7 British infantry command, painting by Angel Barracks

Z8 (L)

British Generals mounted and dismounted

Z9 (O)

Natal Native Horse

Z10 (L)

British Dragoons

Z11 (L)

British Lancers


30mm frontage of sandbags


British Artillery, gun, limber and crew

Z14 (L)

`Fuzzi Wuzzi' Infantry with rifle

Z15 (L)

`Fuzzi Wuzzi' Infantry with sword

For other Sudanese types use: DA4, DA7, DA8, DA9, DA10, DA11

Z 15 Mahdists, badly painted!

Z6,8 & 13 painted as colonial italians

Z 21 , 16 & 17 painted as Italian askaris

Z 18, 19 & 20 Abbysinians.

Z16 (L)

Egyptian Infantry in fez

Z17 (L)

Egyptian Infantry Command in fez

Z18 (L)

Abyssinian Infantry

Z19 (O)

Two Abyssinian `Galla' Cavalry


Abyssinian Chief

Z21 (L)

Sudanese Lancer

Z22 (L)

Sailors with rifles

Z23 Highlanders

Z23 (L)

Highlanders marching

Z24 (L)

Highlander Command group

Z25 (O)

British Infantry skirmishing

Z26 (L)

British Camel Corps

Z27 (L)

Colonial/Volunteer Infantry in slouch hat

Z28 (L)

Colonial/Volunteer Cavalry in slouch hat


Indian Medics/Porters

Z30 (L)

British Marine or similar in cap


Maxim Gun and crew


Naval Gun, crew and limber

The boers! See the full army set below.

Z33 (O)

Boers Mounted

Z34 (O)

Boers Skirmishing


Boer Artillery, gun, crew and limber


Boer Commanders

Z37 (L)

Boxer Infantry

Z38 (L)

Imperial Chinese Infantry

Z39 (L)

Imperial Chinese Tigermen


Imperial Chinese Artillery gun, crew and limber

Z41 (O)

Manchu Light Cavalry

Z42 (O)

Natal Native Infantry with rifles

Z43 (L)

Ashanti Infantry

Z44 (L)

Maori Infantry

Z45 (L)

Russian Infantry, late 19th Century

Z46 (L)

Foreign Legion Infantry


Large Ox Drawn Wagon


Small Horse Drawn Wagon

For other Colonial types see our `Wars in India' and `Franco-Prussian' Ranges

Z42 Natal native infantry with rifles

Z 47 & 48, with CV 10 from our civilians range.

Both variants of Z 48, ox drawn wagon.

Colonial - Armies

50 Strip (250 - 300 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Army Packs, for any of the Protagonists listed above. These discounted armies are pre-packed to our own realistic and balanced composition.

Mahdist army. Contents may vary, but this gives you the idea!

Boer army. Contents may vary.

Choose Nationality

Choose Nationality

Later British army. As above, contents may vary.