Italian Wars
16th Century

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IW 29 & 31, painted by Anne Kay

IW 7 & IW 9

Items MW3 and MW4 may be used in conjunction with this range, as lance armed heavy cavalry and mounted crossbowmen respectively.

Items IW1, 2 and 3 are the same figures as MW8, 9 and 10 (which are based in fives)

IW1 (L)

Early handgunners/arquebusiers

IW2 (L)

Early longbowmen in jacks

IW3 (L)

Early crossbowmen

IW4 (O)

Skirmishers with crossbow

IW5 (O)

Skirmishers with handgun/arquebus

IW6 (C)

Swiss, Landsknechts or Italian front rank armoured pikemen

IW7 (C)

Swiss, Landsknechts or Italian unarmoured pikemen

IW8 (C)

Swiss, Landsknechts or Italian halberdiers/swordsmen

IW9 (C)

Swiss, Landsknechts or Italian command group with officers, standard bearers and musicians

IW10 (C)

Spanish front rank armoured pikemen

IW11 (C)

Spanish unarmoured pikemen

IW12 (C)

Early Spanish billmen

IW13 (C)

Spanish command group with officers, standard bearers and musicians

IW14 (L)

Spanish sword and buckler men

IW15 (L)

Arquebusiers in tight hose and slashed sleeves

IW16 (L)

Arquebusiers in tight hose and slashed sleeves advancing

IW17 (L)

Armoured knights/gendarmes on armoured horses

IW18 (L)

Armoured gendarmes in skirts and plumes on armoured horses

IW19 (L)

Armoured gendarmes on unarmoured horses

IW20 (O)

Stradiot light cavalry

IW21 (O)

Genitor light cavalry

IW22 (O)

Mounted handgunner/arquebusiers

IW23 (L)

Archer heavy cavalry with lance and crossbow

IW24 (L)

Reiter cavalry with pistols and spears

IW25 (L)

Escopetero armoured cavalry with arquebus


Light gun and crew


Heavy gun and crew


Organ gun and crew

IW29 (L)

Mounted General and standard bearer (x2)

IW30 (L)

Single mounted General (x3)

IW31 (L)

Dismounted General and standard bearer (x2)


Carroccio wagon with team of oxen, priest and standard

IW 24 Reiter cavalry

IW 25 Escopetero cavalry

IW 26, 20, 27, 23 & 28, light cavalry and artillery.

Italian Wars - Armies

50 Strip (250 - 300 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Army Packs, for any of the nations listed above. These discounted armies are pre-packed to our own realistic and balanced composition.

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IW 17 & IW 18

Our Italian wars French army. (Contents may vary).