Macedonian and Punic Wars

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MP22 Successor Elephants
MP22 Successor Elephants


Indian general on howdah elephant


Indian elephant with warriors astride


Indian four horse, six man chariot


Indian two horse, three man chariot

MP5 (L)

Indian cavalry

MP6 (C)

Indian longbowmen

MP7 (C)

Indian javelinmen

MP8 (O)

Indian skirmishers

MP9 (L)

Kushan/Scythian extra heavy cavalry lancer

MP10 (O)

Scythian light cavalry

MP11 (C)

Greek hoplites 

MP12 (L)

Greek peltasts/Macedonian hypaspist

MP13 (O)

Greek light infantry javelinmen

MP14 (O)

Cretan archers

MP 10

MP 15 Greek cav

MP 12 & 16

MP15 (L)

Greek heavy cavalry with javelin

MP16 (C)

Macedonian/Successor pikemen

MP17 (L)

Hellenistic thureophoroi infantry

MP18 (L)

Hellenistic xystophoroi/Companion cavalry

MP19 (C)

Seleucid cataphract cavalry

MP20 (L)

Hellenistic extra heavy cavalry lancer


Macedonian elephant with warrior astride


Successor elephant with howdah 

MP23 (L)

Thracian infantry

MP24 (O)

Thracian light cavalry


Hellenistic mounted Generals

MP 26 scythed chariot.

MP 26 + 27


Four horse scythed chariot

MP27 (L)

Achaemenid Persian cavalry

MP28 (C)

Achaemenid Persian Immortals

MP29 (C)

Achaemenid Persian or Median infantry

MP30 (L)

Achaemenid Persian Kardakes infantry

MP31 (L)

Asiatic infantry with bow

MP32 (L)

Asiatic infantry with javelin

MP33 (O)

Levy infantry with javelin

MP34 (O)

Levy infantry with bow

MP35 (O)

Levy infantry with sling

MP 31,32

MP36 Italian cavalry & MP37 Italian infantry
MP36 Italian cavalry & MP37 Italian infantry
Photo credit: Andrew Taylor


MP36 (L)

Italian cavalry 

MP37 (L)

Italian infantry 

MP38 (O)

Spanish light cavalry

MP39 (L)

Spanish medium cavalry

MP40 (L)

Spanish infantry

MP41 (L)

Roman cavalry

MP42 (O)

Roman velites

MP43 (C)

Roman hastati or principes

MP44 (C)

Roman triarii

MP45 (O)

Numidian light cavalry

MP46 (L) Carthaginian heavy cavalry

MP47 (C)

Carthaginian Citizen spearmen

MP48 (C)

Libyan spearmen


African elephant with warriors astride


African elephant with howdah

MP51 (L) Roman/Carthaginian/Italian/Spanish Generals

MP52 (L)

Persian Sparabara infantry with spear & large shield

MP11 Greek Hoplites
MP11 Greek Hoplites

Macedonian and Punic Wars - Armies

50 Strip (250 - 300 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Army Packs, for any of the Nations listed above. These discounted armies are pre-packed to our own realistic and balanced composition.

Choose Nationality

Choose Nationality

6mm Macedonians and Greeks
6mm Macedonians and Greeks

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An ancient battlepack (Successor v Successor). The battlepack armies are smaller than our 50 strip armies.