Maximillian Wars

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For European participating troops in their theoretical uniforms please use our FFP and AFP figures.

For Union Republican sympathisers and Confederate Imperialist fighters use our ACW figures.

For figures in practical campaign dress, use figures below.

UMR1 & 2 , but painted as 1870 French guard mobile!

UMR1 (L)

Republican Juarista Infantry

UMR2 (L)

Republican Juarista Infantry Command

UMR3 (O)

Republican Juarista Cavalry


Republican Juarista Artillery - gun, crew and limber



UMR6 (O)

Guerrillas skirmishing

The above are also suitable for use as ACW troops.

UMI1 (L)

Maximillian Imperialist Infantry

UMI2 (L)

Maximillian Imperialist Infantry Command

UMI3 (L)

Maximillian Imperialist Cavalry


Maximillian Imperialist Artillery - gun, crew and limber

UMI5 (L)

European Infantry in campaign dress

UMI6 (L)

European Infantry Command

UMI7 (L)

European Cavalry in campaign dress

UMI8 (L)

European Cavalry lancers in campaign dress


European Artillery - gun, crew and limber



Maximillian - Armies

100 Strip (550 - 600 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Division Packs, for either of the Protagonists listed above. These discounted armies are pre-packed to our own realistic and balanced composition.

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