Medievals and Feudals

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ME1 Mounted Knights, ME11 11th Century mounted knights
ME1 Mounted Knights, ME11 11th Century mounted knights 

ME1 (L) Mounted knights

ME2 (L)


ME3 (C)

Dismounted knights

ME4 (C)


ME5 (C)


ME6 (L)


ME7 (C)


ME8 (L)


ME 3 dismounted knights with ME 18 in the background.

ME 4 & 5 billmen and spearmen

ME 6 & 7 longbows and crossbows

ME7 Photo Credit: J.B. Gearing

ME 13 peasants

    ME 9 Scottish spearmen from David Blair's mighty Scottish army

There are 2241 spearmen in the above picture!

ME9 (C)

Scottish spearmen

ME10 (L)


ME11 (L)

11th Century mounted knights

ME12 (C)

11th Century knights on foot

ME13 (L)


ME14 (C)

Feudal spearmen

ME15 (L)

Two early mounted Generals and aides

ME16 (C)

Two early dismounted Generals and aides

ME17 (L)

Two late mounted Generals and aides

ME18 (C)

Two late dismounted Generals and aides

ME2 Hobilars, ME5 Spearmen
ME2 Hobilars, ME5 Spearmen

ME 11,14 & 18 Photo Credit J.B. Gearing

Crusades, Medievals & Early Renaissance - Armies

50 Strip (250 - 300 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Army Packs, for any of the nations listed above. These discounted armies are pre-packed up to our own realistic and balanced composition.

100 years war French army. The Knights and generals are from our Italian wars range (IW 17 & 29)

Choose Nationality
Choose Nationality

100 Years War English army pack.