Late Renaissance

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LR30 Sword and Buckler Men/Conquistadors, CM22 Conquistador heavy cavalry & CM19 Handler and 4 war dogs
LR30 Sword and Buckler Men/Conquistadors, CM22 Conquistador heavy cavalry & CM19 Handler and 4 war dogs
by Andrew Taylor

English civil war regiments, LR 1, 2, 5, 51 & 52  by Mick Sayce

LR 18 Scotish highlanders, painted beautifully by David Smith.

LR 27 16th C musketeer,in helmet LR 4 Pikemen command in helmets LR3 pikemen in helmets.

Painted by David smith.

LR1 (C)

Pikemen, hats

LR2 (C)

Pikemen Command, hats

LR3 (C)

Pikemen, helmets

LR4 (C)

Pikeman Command, helmets

LR5 (L)


LR6 (O)

Dismounted Dragoons/Forlorn Hope

LR7 (L)

Heavy Cavalry, hats

LR 7 cavalry in hats.

LR 6, 10 & 16 dragoons

LR 11, culverin & crew

LR 12, saker & crew

LR 8 heavy cavalry in helmets

LR9 cuirassiers/reiters. Nicely painted by John Reidy

LR8 (L)

Heavy Cavalry, helmets

LR9 (L)


LR10 (O)

Mounted Dragoons





LR13 (L)


LR 14, 15 & 15 Scots.

LR14 (C)

Lowland Scots Pikemen

LR15 (C)

Lowland Scots Pike Command

LR16 (L)

Lowland Scots Musketeers

LR17 (L)

Irish Musketeers

LR18 (L)


LR19 (L)


LR20 (L)

Mounted General and Aide

LR21 (L)

Scots Lancer Cavalry

LR22 (O)

Serbo-Croat Hussars


Falconet and crew

LR24 (L)





Horse holders and horses

LR27 (L)

16th Century Musketeer/Arquebusier, in helmet

LR28 (C)

Mid 16th Century Pikemen

LR29 (L)

Reiter Armoured Lancers

LR30 (L)

Sword and Buckler Men/Conquistadors 

LR 31, 32, 33 & 59 Turkish infantry

LR 36, 43 & 41 Turkish cavalry and generals

The 2 variants of LR 43, painted by Anne Kay

LR31 (L)

Ottoman Turkish Janissaries

LR32 (L)

Ottoman Turkish Janissary Command

LR33 (L)

Turkish Irregular Musket Infantry


Heavy Gun/Crew/Limber


Very Heavy Gun/Crew/Limber

LR36 (L)

Ottoman Turkish Spahis Of The Porte

LR37 (L)

European Spahis

LR38 (L)

Asiatic Spahis

LR39 (O)


LR40 (O)


LR41 (L)


LR42 (O)



Turkish General and Aide

LR44 (L)

Polish Winged Hussar

LR45 (L)

Polish Pancerni

LR46 (O)


LR 47 & 48, Polish and Cossack infantry

LR 22 and 46 Croat and cossack light cavalry

LR 49 Hugenot cavalry

LR 51 & 20 command

LR47 (L)

Polish Drab Infantry

LR48 (L)

Cossack/Polish Axemen

LR49 (L)

Huguenot `Miller' cavalry, in smock

LR50 (L)



Three man Infantry Command unit (2)


Single Mounted Officer (3)

LR53 (L)

Musketeers, in helmet firing


Flag topped tent

LR55 (L)

Cossack Arquebusiers

LR56 (L)

Cossack Spearmen

LR 58 & 57 Muscovites.

LR57 (L)

Muscovite Streltsi Infantry

LR58 (L)

Muscovite Cavalry

LR59 (L)

Ottoman Turkish Janissaries with bow

LR60 (L)

Irish Cavalry

LR61 (L)

Irish Bonnacht

LR62 (C)

Irish Gallowglass

LR63 (O)

Irish Kern

LR64 (C)

Later Irish Pikemen

LR65 (L)

Later Irish Arquebusiers

LR66 Musketeers in cassocks firing
LR67 Musketeers in cassocks firing and loading
LR68 Musketeers in cassocks standing

LR 66, 67 & 68 Painted and sculpted by Andy Partridge

LR31 Ottoman Turkish Janissaries
LR31 Ottoman Turkish Janissaries

LR22 Serbo-Croat Hussars
LR22 Serbo-Croat Hussars

LR44 Polish Winged Hussar, LR45 Polish Pancerni
LR44 Polish Winged Hussar, LR45 Polish Pancerni

From our Fantasy range, these make excellent Balkan Cavalry (FOL1, 3)
From our Fantasy range, these make excellent Balkan Cavalry (FOL1, 3)

Late Renaissance - Armies

50 Strip (250 - 300 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Army Packs, for the English Civil War, Thirty Years War,  Eastern Europe and Turks. These discounted armies are pre-packed to our own realistic and balanced composition.

Our Parlimentarian army (contents may vary slightly)

Royalist army (contents may vary slightly).

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