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Figure Packs for the classic game of mammoth hunting from 12,000BC to 1914AD (and on into the future).
(Figure Packs do not include the rules which you need to buy separately)

Mammoth! Painted & photographed by Steve Blease of Wessex games

6mm complete Caveman Pack

Complete Sir Harry Pack

Complete Sir Harry pack with dinosaurs with French personnel (Sir Jean Pierre)!


Caveman pack - Mammoth 1,000,000BC or Mammoth Hunt

Caveman pack - Dinosaur

1,000,000BC or Mammoth Hunt

Sir Harry pack - Mammoth Victorian adventurers in The Land that Time Forgot

Sir Harry pack - Dinosaur

Victorian adventurers in The Land that Time Forgot

Seperate figures used in these packs are available below



MTUS 2 Og the hero (2)


Firestarter base

MTUS 3 Twisted Firestarter base

MTUS 2 Og The Heroes

CHB 1&2 these cavemen are from our Fantasy range and are used in the caveman pack

Other figures used in the packs come from our 6mm fantasy cavemen and colonials ranges.


Where Pterodactyls Dare pack

WWI British & Germans fight it out in the Lost World over industrial diamonds

Bonney & Rex pack

Napoleon's famed dinosaur unit attempt to take Hougoumont in this strangely undocumented incident in the 100 Days campaign

New World Nightmare pack

Returning from a looting foray the Conquistadores meet some unexpected local fauna

Capture King Kong pack

Just as it sounds really!


Hunter Killer pack

Human survivors battle to regain control of Earth from the machines

Exterminate(!) pack

Charismatic adventurers, rabble and humans must survive the onslaught of 3 mechanical invader bases + 6 quisling human helpers

Hell on Ice pack

Rebels must defend the shields & generators in a desperate rearguard action against 3 large walkers, 12 small walkers & 12 thug bases

Hell in Green pack

Rebels have a chance to kill the Emperor & the new shield generators defended by only 3 small walkers, 6 light vehicles and 6 thug bases

Tusk I The basic ruleset.  Dinosaur/Mammoth Hunting
Tusk II Expansion set for Tusk I
Steel Tusk III Sci-Fi expansion set.  Needs Tusk I & Tusk II

6mm Tusk cavemen pieces, painted and photographed by ivan de la Osa.