Wars in India

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A Maratta army, Featuring IND1, 14, 13, 17, 17, DA 11, 12 Z 15 £1.30 36 & MP22

IND1 Maharajas elephant, IND 4 ladies wagon, and IND 6 covered wagon.

Painted by Anne Shim.

For 1800-1850 Company and European Troops see our Crimean British CWB1-17. For 1860-1900 Indian and British Army troops use our Colonial Range Z6-13


Maharaja on elephant


Parasol bearer on elephant


Ladies camel with attendant


Covered Ladies Wagon & Ox Team


Covered Doolie Wagon carried by 8 attendants


(6 or 8) Ox Drawn Wagon with powder barrel or cover

IND 4 ladies wagon

IND 6 Ox Drawn Wagon

IND 7 & 8 Light cavalry


Light Cavalry with bow (on irregular shaped base)


Light Cavalry with lance (on irregular shaped base)


Light Cavalry with musket (on irregular shaped base)


Light Infantry with bow (on irregular shaped base)


Light Infantry with spear and sword (on irregular shaped base)


Light Infantry with musket (on irregular shaped base)

IND13 (O)

Early Indian/Maratta/Sikh Heavy Cavalry on armoured horse

IND14 (O)

Early Indian/Maratta/Sikh Heavy Cavalry on unarmoured horse

IND 17 Matchlock men.Unfortunately i didn't get round to fully painting the commander in the middle!

IND 13 or 14 Indian heavy cavalry.

These come cast 4 to a base, but have been chopped up a bit to make a 50mm frontage.

IND15 Arab or Indian Cavalry
IND15 Arab or Indian Cavalry

IND 20 & 21 Sepoys.

IND 22 & 21 sepoys. Painting by Edwin Kay

IND 16 and 19

IND15 (L)

Arab or Indian Cavalry on unarmoured horses

IND16 (L)

Naked Fanatic Infantry

IND17 (L)

Najib Infantry with matchlock and buckler

IND18 (L)

Infantry Archers

IND19 (O)

Rocketeers launching rockets, complete with pack camels

IND20 (C)

18th Century or Indian Raised Sepoy in turban

IND21 (C)

18th/19th Century Sepoy Command

IND22 (C)

Late 18th/Early 19th Century Sepoy in sundial hat

IND23 (C)

19th Century Sepoy in bell topped shako

IND24 (C)

19th Century Sepoy Command

EIC troops (IND23 & 24) take on Marattas (IND13 amongst others.

Painting & photo by Gareth Griffiths

IND 27, light dragoons

4 bases of IND 29, native cav, stuck on 1 of our movement trays.

IND25 (L)

18th/19th Century Native Regular Cavalry in tarboosh hat

IND26 (L)

18th/19th Century Native Regular Cavalry in crested helmet

IND27 (L)

18th/19th Century Native/European Cavalry in Tarleton helmet

IND28 (L)

Skinners (or similar) Native Horse

IND29 (L)

19th Century Native Cavalry in bulbous turban

IND30 (L)

Assorted Cavalry Commanders (3)


19th Century Native Artillery in turban, gun/crew/limber


19th Century Native Artillery in bell topped shako, gun, crew & limber


19th Century Native Horse Artillery, crested helmet, gun, crew & 6 horse limber

IND34 (C)

Ghurkha Infantry

IND35 (C)

Ghurkha Infantry Command

IND36 (L)

Burmese Infantry

IND37 (L)

Afghan/Pathan Tribal Infantry with swords

IND38 (L)

Afghan/Pathan Tribal Infantry with jezails

IND39 (L)

Afghan/Pathan Tribal Infantry Command

IND 38, 39 & 45, Afghans and commanders.

IND 40 & 41 Sikh infantry

IND 43 Sikh artillery

British inf from our Crimean range, serving on the sub-continent.

IND40 (C)

Sikh Regular Infantry

IND41 (C)

Sikh Regular Command

IND42 (C)

Sikh Regular Cavalry


Sikh Artillery, gun, crew and limber

IND44 (L)

Sikh Zealot/Afghan Ghazi Irregular Infantry


Mounted Indian Generals/Chiefs

IND 46 & 47 Sepoys

IND 48 & 49 British Infantry

IND 52 & 53 Mutiny period artillery (without their limbers) and IND 50 Sowar cavalry

IND 54 British generals,  and IND 34 & 35 Gurkhas.

IND46 (C)

Mutiny Period Sepoy in cap

IND47 (C)

Mutiny Period Sepoy Command

IND48 (C)

Mutiny Period British Infantry

IND49 (C)

Mutiny Period British Command

IND50 (C)

Mutiny Period Loyal Sowar Native Cavalry

IND51 (O)

Mutiny Period Ghurkha Rifles skirmishing


Mutiny Period Foot Artillery, gun, crew and limber


Mutiny Period Horse Artillery, gun, crew and limber


British Generals and Officials

IND 58,55 & 57 with IND 59 traction in the background!

IND 59

IND55 (C)

Mutinous Sepoys

IND56 (L)

Urban Insurgent Irregular Infantry

IND57 (C)

Mutinous Cavalry


Mutinous Artillery, gun, crew and limber


Siege Gun and crew, with Elephant Team

IND60 (L)

Later 19th/20th Century Sepoy

IND61 (L)

Later 19th/20th Century Command

IND62 (L)

Bengal (or similar) Lancer Cavalry


Later 19th/20th Century Foot Artillery, gun, crew and limber


Later 19th/20th Century Mountain Gun, crew and mules

IND65 (L)

Later 19th/20th Century Camel Trooper

IND 66 & 68 Afghan regular infantry

IND66 (L)

Afghan Regular Infantry

IND67 (L)

Afghan Highland Guard Infantry

IND68 (L)

Afghan Infantry Command

IND69 (L)

Afghan Regular Cavalry


Afghan Artillery, gun, crew and limber

More EIC battle footage. Painting & photo by Gareth Griffiths

Wars in India - Armies

100 Strip (550 - 600 figures; cavalry count as 2 strips) Division Packs, for any Protagonist listed above. These discounted armies are pre-packed to our own realistic and balanced composition.

East India company army, circa 1800. Painted by Edwin Kay

Choose Nationality

Choose Nationality

Sepoys in trouble! IND 7,8 7 9 and IND1 & 2, amongst others, on the attack.

Painting & photo by Gareth Griffiths

A selection of our elephants (DA15, E 36, MP22, XT49, MP1, IND 1) painted as Moghuls