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IRREGULAR MINIATURES was established in 1981 and is now located at 41 Lesley avenue, York, YO10 4JR

The former premises,a chapel on Apollo Street, was a temple to small white metal figures.

The chapel has been converted into a modelling and order processing room, with a wargames area, and manufacturing workshop at the rear.

A corner of the main room, complete with wargames table and display cases of beautifully painted figures (and yes the electrical supply and central heating system).

IRREGULAR MINIATURES is run by Ian Kay who has sculpted nearly all of the figures that appear in our catalogues.  Ian has also made most of the moulds that are used to cast our models .

Ian Kay contemplates whether to start that Sherlock Holmes range that he has always wanted to do.

Order processing is carried out by Phil Ball, who can also turn his hand to casting, painting ,lifting and shifting and, well ... just about anything that the others don't want to do.  Phil is most likely to be the person you speak to if you phone us.

Phil Ball on the phone to a real customer (this is not a posed shot).  Phil asks you note how tidy his desk is.

Ron Kay is responsible for nearly all of the manufacturing side of our operation.  He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of where just about every figure, box, barrel, wheel & etc. that we have made in the last 24 years is located.

Ron Kay brings "the knowledge" to bear on the precise location of that Black Sea Sarmatian figure.

Ron's empire is the casting room.  Here he demonstrates the perfect cast on our centrifugal casting machine.

Ron Kay, with just the mould needed to complete your order.

Of course, no visit to IRREGULAR MINIATURES would be complete without meeting the supporting cast of thousands - the racks of moulds which contain all the figures and models.

Just a few of our moulds.

We hope that you enjoyed meeting us.