Movement Trays  METAL BASES  DICE  Kriegspiel Blocks

Movement Trays
A range of recessed bases with textured edges, enabling fast movement of a multiple base unit.  Bases quoted here are from our 6mm range.

MT1 Takes 4 close order bases (2 abreast by 2 deep)
MT2 Takes 4 loose order bases (2 abreast by 2 deep)
MT3 Takes 2 WWI style Inf. bases (1 rank deep)
MT4 Takes 2 5man Cav. bases (1 rank deep)
MT5 Takes 4 4man Cav. bases (2 abreast by 2 deep)
MT6 Takes 2 Napoleonic or ACW artillery bases (2 abreast by 2 deep)

Great for DBA plus many other rule systems.

PB1 DBA 40mm x 40mm
PB2 DBA 40mm x 30mm
PB3 DBA 40mm x 20mm
PB4 DBA 40mm x 15mm
PB5 DBA 40mm x 10mm
PB6 DBA 40mm x 5mm
PB7 DBA 60mm x 80mm
PB8 DBA 60mm x 40mm
PB9 DBA 60mm x 30mm
PB10 DBA 60mm x 20mm
PB11 DBA 30mm x 10mm
PB12 Circular 65mm diameter
PB13 Circular 40mm diameter


D6 7mm cube (ideal as damage markers)

Kriegspiel Blocks
A range of metal blocks for use with the historic Prussian war game

K 1 - 5


10mm x 10mm (set of 4)


12mm x 6mm (set of 4)


9mm x 6mm (set of 4)


9mm x 5mm (set of 4)


5mm x 5mm (set of 4)

K6 Counterweight - 13x13x3mm white metal square gaming piece.  Glue counters from boardgames to this counterweight to help prevent them from moving when you don't want them to.

Kriegspiel starter brigade

9 infantry battalions,1 jaeger battalion,2 cavalry regiments,2 artillery batteries,2 exchange pieces,& skirmishers and outposts.