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Placing Your Order
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Photo: Phil, Ron and Jon at the Sheffield show
Credit: Steve Royen

Placing Your Order

This is not a shopping cart website, but to order just email a list of what you want (no need to use the order form), tell us your address, and how you'd like to pay. We will work out a price, and send a paypal invoice if required. Otherwise you can pay by card (please send in 2 emails) or cheque/PO.

All prices are for unpainted castings, and postage is extra (see below, and bear in mind that minimum postage may apply).

There is a 3% surcharge if paying with paypal, and a 25p charge for debit card orders under 15.


Non-UK customers paying by credit card please note that currency conversion happens automatically when your credit card is charged for the order in Pounds Sterling.

Prices are for unpainted models.

From July 2004, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount to all British Servicemen.  To qualify you need to supply a bona fide military address, such as a barracks, ship, air base or BFPO.

Postage Costs

Inland and BFPO postage is 10%, minimum 2.00.Delivery is within 1 week.

 Overseas postage as follows, but note the minimum amounts listed below:

Inland 10%
Europe 20%(30% for scenery)
Rest of World (Airmail) 30%(40% for scenery)

Minimum postage to an address in the UK or to a BFPO is 2.00.
Minimum postage to Europe is 4.00.
Minimum postage to rest of world is 5.00

Overseas payment by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) or paypal in -Sterling is preferable; OTHERWISE please add 10% to order for bank charges.

Placing Your Order

To place an order, there are lots of ways to get in touch with our friendly mail order team.
  You can write to:

Irregular Miniatures Ltd

Tuesdays & Thursdays

"Westfield", Great Edstone, YO62 6NZ

Tel 07514 920039

Monday,Wednesday & Friday

18 the avenue


North Yorkshire

YO17 9EF


Tel: 07514920039

Orders will reach us at both addresses,but if in doubt ,send to our York address.


(Please call within UK business hours 9 am - 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. )



(We accept orders sent to our email address, but this is at your own risk. You may wish to send half the digits in your credit card number in one email, and the other half and the expiry date in a separate email (making clear which numbers come first!)  These details will be kept in our records, and you will not need to resend them the next time you order. You can also let us have your card details separately via mail, telephone or text.)

If you would like to download and print off an order form you can click on the link below,  though we are just as happy to get orders written freeform or dictated over the telephone, or by text.  (It is not compulsory to use the order form, you can just email a list to us, but remember to include all necessary details)
Order form in Microsoft WORD format.  


How can I pay?

You can pay using:

  • A cheque drawn on a UK bank account, made payable to Ian Kay

  • A Postal Order (UK post office only), made payable to Ian Kay

  • Cash (but it is not a good idea to send cash in the post).

  • A Credit or Debit card (see the following section for the cards we take).

  • If you live outside the UK, an International Money Order (IMO).  Ask at your Post Office.

  • We now accept paypal, email  but please add 3%(minimum 30p), as our profit margins are not that great. If paying by anything other than 's, please add another 5% for conversion fees! There is no conversion fee if you pay in 's.

We accept the following cards:

There is a 25p surcharge if you use a debit card (SWITCH, Maestro, Delta and Solo) for an order of less than 15.00. If you do not inform us what type of card you are using when ordering, we will assume it is a debit card (as there's no way of telling before the transaction is made)

Card Information Needed
We need the following details:

  • Cardholder's Name as it appears on the card.

  • The Card Number, all 16 - 19 digits (depending on card type)

  • The Expiry Date in the format MM/YY (where MM is the month number and YY is the last 2 digits of the year).

  • The 3 digit Security Number which can be found on the rear of the card printed on the Signature Strip. 14/2/06

SWITCH cardholders should supply the following extra details:

  • Issue Number

  • Start Date


You may wish to check our FAQ page before contacting us with questions. Please send queries by mail,  phone or email. Many thanks!


Photo: from left to right - Ron, Barbara, Jon and Ian