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2nd Hand & painted Bargains


42mm Renaissance/ medieval europeans

22 cav, 48 inf, bombard & 3 crew

200 & P&P



18 well painted and based infantry

90 plus P&P






42mm Balkan wars


33x Infantry

8x Cavalry

3x Cavalry Lancers

10x Artillerists

2x Howitzers

2x Field Cannons

1x MG & Crew



8x Infantry

7x Evzones



21x Infantry

8x Reserve Infantry

4c Bulgarian Cavalry

6x Artillerists

2x Field Cannons

1x MG & Crew

247 + P&P

6mm Spaceships

35 Assorted Space ships from the New Spaceship Range

45 + P&P






WRG: The Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome  15 & P&P


Osprey: The Swiss at war 1300-1500 5 & P&P


25 issues of slingshot (society of ancients journal)  12 & P&P.

52 issues of World War 1914-18 a pictorial history. (printed in 1935) 50 & P&P.

52 issues of The war illustrated (WW2, printed at the time)!  50 & P&P.


10 mini figs 25mm renaissance reiters painted in a gloss finish        20 & P&P